Ciara Talks Steamy 'Love Sex Magic' Video With Justin Timberlake

Ciara Talks Steamylove Sex Magicvideo With Justin Timberlake

NEW YORK — As if [url id='']Justin Timberlake[/url] weren't already one of the luckiest guys in the world, he had to 'suffer' through grueling take after take during Ciara's steamy video shoot for 'Love Sex Magic.'

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'Let me tell you — it's so funny, I have to say this,' [url id='']Ciara[/url] said to MTV News over the weekend. 'I had to lick his ear and do all that fun stuff and bite it. And he had a moment where he was kind of licking on my neck. We were both going back and forth. We were really just freestyling. And Miss Diane [Martel, the director] wanted something edgy, and we all wanted to find a cool way to do it. And that just felt right.

'It was really funny because you would have moments where she would go, 'What we're gonna do now is the licking and the kissing on the neck and we're gonna do this take, then cut. OK, we need one more take of that,' ' Ciara continued. 'And so it's licking on the neck, again, then his biting on my neck, again. It was really funny.'

The fellas might not exactly be cracking up at JT's misfortune, but Ciara said the entire experience of working with Timberlake was by far one of the best of her young career. Timberlake, who is featured on the song, also co-produced 'Love Sex Magic' — from her Fantasy Ride LP, out Tuesday (May 5) — and had a hand in writing the number. Ciara said she rarely has a chance to actually venture into the studio to collaborate with artists; usually, the opportunity for a guest to contribute arises after she's recorded a song.

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'I actually went into the studio to make the record from scratch, or he had the record there for me, but us being together was a very rare case I've had over the years,' she explained. 'It was really, really fun. He's very passionate about the work and down to earth. His attitude is just amazing.

'I was very excited about sprinkling that flavor on the album, because this record is about sharing the many sides of me and I wanted to make sure there was something for everybody on it and that record is another reflection of where I'm at [right now].'