Claire Holt Teases 'Unhinged' Rebekah In 'Originals' Midseason Finale: 'She Wants Revenge'

Claire Holt Teasesunhingedrebekah Inoriginalsmidseason Finale

It wouldn't be the holidays without a proper Mikaelson family reunion on ' The Originals ,' complete with bickering, neck-snapping and loads of dysfunction.

In tonight's sure-to-be-shocking midseason finale (titled 'Savior'), Claire Holt returns to reprise her fan-favorite role as Klaus and Elijah's beloved little sister Rebekah, but there's one major problem: she's going mad. And no, her temporary slip into madness isn't being caused by Klaus -- this time. Instead, the Strix have given Rebekah a nasty curse, and it's up to Klaus and Elijah to find a cure for their sister before it's too late.

Needless to say, this is one Christmas the Mikaelson family will never forget. Holt chatted with MTV News ahead of tonight's 'dangerous' midseason finale, and here's what she had to say about Rebekah's frustrating new situation:

MTV News: Holidays are all about family, so we're happy the Mikaelsons are getting back together this holiday season. We really miss the relationship between Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus. What was it like to reconnect with Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies for this holiday episode?

Claire Holt: It's always so wonderful. I really love those boys like family, and we've had such a long relationship and we've been playing these characters for such a long time. I always have so much fun with them. It's just such a treat to get to go back and revisit that with them.

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MTV: Not only do we have this deadly Mikaelson family prophecy to worry about, but now the Strix have gone and placed a curse on Rebekah. This is clearly a recipe for disaster. Where is Rebekah's head at in this episode?

Holt: She's certainly very unhinged in this episode, and I think a lot of her craziness is directed at the wrong people. She can't seem to control it. But she's frustrated with her circumstances, and she wants revenge on whoever has cursed her family. The Mikaelsons are facing some really hard things, with the prophecy and everything else going on, so there's a lot to deal with.

She would rather not be tricked, which she seems to find herself in that situation quite frequently, or at the bottom of the ocean, or in a coffin. She wants none of that. But her bond with her family seems to be getting stronger. It's nice to see them put on a united front, as opposed to fighting with each other.

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MTV: We saw Rebekah snap poor Elijah's neck in the promo. Was there a itsy bitsy part of her that kind of enjoyed that?

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Holt: I think she's pretty fond of Elijah. I don't think she was in her right mind when she did that.

MTV: From an actor's standpoint, playing a character who's going progressively mad sounds like the most fun ever.

Holt: It is the most fun. To get to play the unhinged version of Rebekah may be my favorite. Although, it is quite tough to have to spit evil lines at very nice people, like poor Phoebe [Tonkin], who plays Hayley. I didn't enjoy having to get into it with her because she's my friend and that was weird.

MTV: Rebekah literally throws her off a banister.

Holt: It was pretty nuts! We have some amazing stuntwomen who help us look good, but I certainly did some myself. It was tough! I ended up with some bruises, but it was really fun. That's the great thing about the show. We get to do the action, but then we get to really focus on the drama and the more intimate parts of the family relationships, which we get to later on in the episode.

MTV: Those scenes between baby Hope and her auntie Rebekah are always so wonderful to see. Will we get to see any of that in the midseason finale?

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Holt: I don’t think that she's had too much time to focus on Hope. There's a lot of bad stuff going on. But I loved filming the scene where we got to reconnect as a family and enjoy our Christmas tradition. It's always so nice to film those holiday episodes because the Mikaelsons are a little more grateful and hopeful, as opposed to terrifying or killing people.

MTV: If she survives this prophecy, do you think Rebekah can find happiness again?

Holt: I hope so. I hope for her sake. I think a lot of it comes from within. She's faced a lot of demons, and some of them are her family and part of them are her own and in the outside world. I hope she gets there. I'd like to see her find it.

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MTV: Are you down to return for more episodes in the future?

Holt: I am always open to playing Rebekah. I love her. Whenever my schedule and their creative vision line up, I'm ready, willing and able.

MTV: And finally, we have to know if there's some secret Aussie club over at The CW because there are so many Aussies on the network these days. There has to be some sort of secret coalition.

Holt: I think we just don't take no for an answer is probably what it is. [Laughs] We have a great relationship on set. There's so many Australians on the show now. There's Rebecca Breeds and Andy [Lees] and Ollie Ackland and Phoebe and myself. There are a lot of Aussies on 'The Originals.' It's nice because we're so far away from home, so to get to spend time with people who grew up like you and understand the crazy things you say -- you can call it a capsicum and not a red bell pepper -- that's really fun.

The thing that we talk about a lot is how you have to change what you say so people understand you, but it's nice just to be able to speak our own language.