Coach Bolton Sets The Record Straight On That High School Musical Meme

Coach Bolton Sets Record Straight That High School Musical Meme

Ever since High School Musical debuted on Disney Channel 10 years ago, one fan-made meme has stood out above the rest.

If you’ve been on the internet sometime in the past decade, odds are you’ve seen that high school expectations versus reality meme floating around. There’ve been different variations , but the gist is that your high school experience is/was nothing like the East High Wildcats’ experience.

Since today (September 6) is the first day of school , actor Bart Johnson , a.k.a. Coach Jack Bolton from the HSM trilogy, hilariously shut down that assumption about East High. Yesterday, he shared hsmhistory’s meme on Instagram.

Sorry about this one, guys. Consider it a blessing you didn’t have to deal with Darbus for four long years. (Or eternity... If you’re me), Johnson joked. You = #blessed me = dead #youdontknowcoachspain.

He also threw shade at East High’s rival, the West High Knights, calling them trash, because duh . So, as you start the 2016-2017 school year, remember that though your classmates may not break out into song every 15 minutes, at least you don’t have to regularly deal with someone who thinks baskets in basketball are called touchdowns .