Cole Sprouse Says Things Are ‘Inherently Complicated’ For Bughead On Riverdale

Cole Sprouse Says Things Are Inherently Complicated

There may be a murderer on the loose in Riverdale, but that doesn't mean the romantic entanglements of the town's teens won't be at the forefront of the Riverdale season finale.

With Jughead's dad currently locked up for the murder of Jason Blossom — a murder he didn't commit — and Betty lying to Jughead about his friends' snooping, Bughead is in a rough place. Meanwhile, 'There will always be drama, but we can definitely expect more of the four friends being together and being in stories together, either as couples or just as four friends,' he said. Here's what else we can expect.

  • Betty and Jughead The CW

    Cole Sprouse said fans expect a whole lot of 'rockiness' for poor Jughead leading up to the finale. 'This is a kid that has experienced a lot of damage in his life from people who are close to him, so inherently he has a complicated relationship with allowing people to get close to him,' he said. 'That manifests itself in how he ends up treating Betty and how Betty feels as if she can approach him. But then, obviously, that understanding demands a kind of interaction from one another that's either comforting or pushes the two of them further apart — and I think that's the kind of thing this relationship deals with.'

    As for Betty, she's in love with Jughead. (Here's hoping she tells Jughead that sometime before the season is over.) 'I think Betty is very happy with Jughead. She loves him,' Lili Reinhart said. 'She loves Archie as well, but it's a different kind of love at this point. She isn't confused at all.'

    Reinhart confirmed that the finale is a big episode for Bughead: 'It's a drama, so there's going to be drama. That's what happens in real life.' That certainly doesn't sound encouraging.

  • Archie and Veronica The CW

    Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica have finally acted on the long-simmering chemistry brewing between them since their first makeout in Cheryl Blossom's closet in the pilot episode. But is it just a casual hookup, or are they headed for something deeper?

    'It is serious,' KJ Apa said. 'It all started in the pilot when Veronica walked in, and Archie was at the booth sitting with Betty and he turns over and sees her. It rocks his world a little bit, and for sure they've got something good going on there.'

    Camila Mendes thinks Archie and Veronica are 'really good for each other' because they can relate to each other's internal struggles. 'They both have issues with their families that they seem to be bonding over,' she said. 'They're both a little unstable, so they find similarities in each other.'

  • Kevin and Joaquin The CW

    We're not quite sure what to make of Kevin and Joaquin's relationship. On one hand, Kevin is so happy; he's never had a boyfriend before. On the other, however, we know that Joaquin was working with FP to get close to the sheriff's son. Does that mean Joaquin's been lying to Kevin about his feelings? Or are they genuine?

    According to actor Casey Cott, he asked himself the same question, then eventually went to the writers to get to the truth of Joaquin's feelings. 'I do think his feelings are genuine, but he's clearly involved in something dark and mysterious,' Cott said. 'So it's really complicated, but I do think that underneath that the feelings are genuine. No one's all bad or all good. There's so much in between.'

With reporting by Chris Kim.