Cole Sprouse's Modeling Pics, Ranked By Agnes From The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Cole Sprouses Modeling Pics

Cole Sprouse is quite the model lately. He's been working with various photographers, sharing the results on Instagram and Twitter. He keeps his shirt on in most of these, unlike that period when he was uploading several shirtless pics, only to be hilariously called out by bro Dylan .

These model pics are ???, so we decided to rank them. But instead of us ranking them, we're gonna pass the reins onto someone a tad more passionate about all things Cole.

Agnes ( Allie Grant ), a recurring character on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody , was OBSESSED with Cody Martin (Cole) and then later transferred that obsession onto Zack (Dylan), only to return to loving Cody shortly after. Here 'she' is, ranking these new Sprouse photos for the entire world.


    'Do you want our kids to die from secondhand smoke, Codykins? When I sniff your clothes in the dead of night while you're sleeping, I don't want to smell an ashtray. I'm calling your mother immediately.'


    'While you look scrumdidiliumptious in this pic, I spy with my little eye a cancer stick. Remove that immediately. Remember what happened to the last boy who didn't listen to me? He went to a better place. I love you!'


    'Why did you rip those pants your sweet mother probably bought? I'm currently sewing an entire wardrobe for you. Would you rip the clothes I made for you? Hmm?'


    'That smile is for me, isn't it, Cody? Of course it is. I am yours and you are mine. Forever .'


    'Don't be stressed, Codyalicious. Remember our first date, staring at Saturn's rings? That was when our adventure together first began. I'll never stop loving you. Never, ever, ever, ever.'


    'You're so sexy with your hair pushed back. I can see your pretty little face. Also, I love you.'


    'Our children will be blessed with the best genes ever, Codykins. Agnes likes. But, Agnes doesn't like that your shoes are so dirty. I'll come over in 10 minutes to clean them. Don't worry, Agnes will fix everything.'


    'Seriously, Agnes, Jr. and Cody, Jr. will be the most gorgeous children. We will make beautiful babies together, Codykins. Again, I love you. Never forget. Never.'


    'I'm so glad you're mine, Cutie Patootie. Please forgive me for that time I dated Zack. He didn't understand me like you do; you're the nice twin. We are soulmates, we are one, we are forever.'


    'You're holding out your hand for me? Aww, that's so sweet, honeybunches. Red is a great color on you. Did you know I love you? Because I do. But never betray me. Agnes will not like. Agnes will do things if that were to ever happen. By the way, check your window when you get home. I left you a sweet message written with my lipstick. Mwuah!'


    'This hat looks absolutely perfect on you, Codykins! Please wear it on our honeymoon. This is not a request. Once again, I love you.'