Complete 180: How This Catfish Went from Seeking Revenge To Finding Compassion

Complete 180 How This Catfish Went From Seeking Revenge Finding Compassion

A conniving Catfish scheme (where the digital fraud actually knows the love hopeful and wants to get back at him or her for one reason or another) more often than not concludes without a positive ending. But during tonight's brand-new episode, Paris and her former companion Mary (who pretended to be Tara in order to get back at her ex) were able to get some much-needed closure after a difficult breakup.

But before we examine how Mary made a complete 180 from being malicious to actually having compassion for the woman she was deceiving, a brief recap of how Nev and Max wound up helping these two. Paris contacted the detectives because she had first interacted with Tara in a chatroom four years ago, and they had not followed through on their plans to meet. But the 25-year-old Chicago native did some research of her own based on the sleuths' skills -- and an image search with the photos used in the Tara profile led back to another woman.

From there, Paris began to list some possible suspects to Nev and Max. The first was an erstwhile companion named Nicole (they split on bad terms because Nicole didn't accept Paris' bisexuality), and the other was Mary.

More about Paris and Mary: The women began as friends after becoming acquainted online, and a romance followed soon after -- Mary even planned to relocate to the Windy City in order to be with Paris. However, when Mary arrived with her mother and her son -- without a locked-down living situation -- Paris felt a responsibility to assist Mary. Unfortunately, the situation turned into a 'big mess' and a burden too great to bear for Paris, and the two parted ways.

When the hosts successfully contacted Mary, she warned the guys that Paris is 'not the angel that y’all think she is' and dropped a bombshell that Paris had actually catfished people in the past. While Paris admitted to her mistakes, the trio quickly turned their attention back to discovering Tara's identity. Soon enough, Tara spoke with Nev and the group was on a flight to upstate New York to get some answers. And when Mary -- who was married and seemingly happy -- answered the door, she offered up a simple explanation for her behavior.

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This is for revenge, Mary exclaimed, citing the failed move as the main reason for her actions. 'It wasn’t always malicious -- at one point, it was very malicious. I felt like I was doing something to hurt her like she hurt me.'

But after further reflection and some soul searching, an emotional Mary read a heartfelt letter to Paris explaining herself and, ultimately, apologizing for her decisions.

'Over time, revenge became less of a goal and turned into more of a compassion and concern, as I witnessed so much you were going through and the hard times you dealt with,' Mary stated. 'I was there for you, I started to build a friendship with you as Tara -- but even then, the true and genuine care was me. Not only was I there for you, but you were there for me as well.'

While Paris and Mary do not currently keep in touch, Mary's evolution from spiteful to empathetic is one of the more notable changes in a catfish featured on the program. Mary admitted her flaws and emerged from the situation with a great deal of perspective. What did you think of Paris and Mary's story? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Catfish next Wednesday at 10/9c!