Cool Clicks: The 20 Hottest Photos of Christina Hendricks

Cool Clicks 20 Hottest Photos Christina Hendricks

vida da suíte woody no convés

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Yeah, come to think of it, Christina Hendricks is pretty drop-dead gorgeous. See for yourself with Heavy's collection of the 20 hottest photos of the redheaded beauty who helped make 'Drive' all the cooler.

mãe de zack e cody

Have you seen 'The Cabin in the Woods?' It pretty much has a bunch of spoilers in the place of an actual plot — and it's awesome. Pay homage to the art of the twist ending (and/or twist beginning or middle) with Complex's list of the 50 best movie twists .

Our dear Bella Swan turned 22 earlier this week. Celebrate with BuzzSugar's collection of 22 pictures of Kristen Stewart's movie roles over the years (yeah, we kind of freaked out when we saw the 'Panic Room' pics, too — so young, so kind-of innocent!).

The Superhero Fight is a difficult and underappreciated art form . Writer/director Joss Whedon talks to MTV News about the challenges of putting Captain America and Thor in the same brawl in 'The Avengers.'

Ha, we had forgotten how he once punched a boxer's head off. Now that you've survived another Friday the 13th, it's probably safe to take a look at Moviefone's 13 reasons why they love that unstoppable slasher Jason Voorhees and the unstoppable horror series he stars in.

eu não estou com você

It was probably only a matter of time before the Farrelly Brothers new take on 'The Three Stooges' had some religious repercussions. reports that the Catholic Church has taken issue with the film's depiction of nuns — especially the one portrayed by swimsuit model Kate Upton .