Could Grey Worm And Missandei Actually Have Sex On 'Game Of Thrones'? We Asked The Experts

Could Grey Worm Missandei Actually Have Sex Ongame Thrones

Though the biggest shocker on Sunday's (June 1) 'Game of Thrones' was undoubtedly THAT scene , there was another, quieter moment that had fans buzzing — the romantic encounter between Daenerys' handmaiden Missandei and her number one solider, Grey Worm.

Why was this such a big moment, you ask? Well, first of all, because it never happened in the books. But more importantly, Grey Worm is a eunuch . As in definitely missing the stones, and very possibly the pillar eunuch. It was shocking to see this previously non-sexualized character making googly eyes at the naked and very beautiful Missandei, so we consulted with some of the nation's finest 'sexperts' to get the deets on how this relationship could possibly play out.


The Attraction

Just like we thought, the most unlikely part of Missandei and Grey Worm's encounter was the sexual attraction he felt when he saw her bathing.

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'The removal of the testicles to produce a eunuch results in extremely low testosterone levels, which in turn usually eliminates all sexual desire,' Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, the Founder of Men's Health Boston and Associate Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School told us over the phone.

'This is exactly the reason boys were castrated, as one of the primary roles for eunuchs in history was to safely guard the women of kings and other nobility,' Morgentaler continued. 'A eunuch would not experience lust as we know it. Some techniques to create eunuchs were less than perfect, though, and if there were some residual testosterone then a eunuch might indeed occasionally experience sexual desire.'

So you can maybe kinda-sorta blame it on a botched eunuch-job? Seems far-fetched, but the second scene between Grey Worm and Missandei — the one where he professed his actual feelings — is a far more likely scenario.

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'Romantic and sexual urges are complex neurobiological phenomena that have multiple components,' Dr. Peter Stahl, the Director of Male Reproductive and Sexual Medicine at Columbia University told us. 'Feelings of sexual intimacy in men come from more than just their testicles — personal connectedness, trust, affection, admiration, physical closeness, and cognitive conceptions of sex are all important.'

Awwwww .

The Sex

Okay, so we've determined that while Grey Worm's lusty gaze at the river was more than a little bit far-fetched, it's definitely possible that a deeper, more intimate connection could occur. So now it's time to get to the gory details: what would happen if the duo actually decided to have sex? Obviously if the pillar was taken along with the stones, then it would take some serious creativity, right?

'In some cultures just the testicles and scrotum were removed, and in others the pillar was cut off together with the stones,' Dr. Morgentaler said. 'This latter procedure is more formally known as 'emasculation.' If a man has been emasculated, there is no possibility of sex in the traditional sense, although obviously there are other ways to be creative sexually... Thank goodness for hands and mouths!'

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However, if Grey Worm's pillar was still intact, then Grey Worm and Missandei theoretically could have sex; the problem would lie in getting Grey Worm to really want to do the deed.

'If they still had a penis, [eunuchs] would often have sex with women,' Clinical Sexologist Dr. Paul Nelson told us. 'They can get an erection, it just takes them quite a bit longer. It takes direct stimulation; they don’t just see a woman and get aroused. So the story is a little bit fishy from a medical standpoint, because he just would not have a sex drive, period.'


The Downside

In the real world, Grey Worm's lack of sex drive wouldn't be Missandei's only hurdle. If 'Game of Thrones' focused a bit more on historical eunuch accuracy, then Dany's trusted warrior would definitely not be the sexy chiseled man we see on TV. In fact, he'd probably look a lot like GoT's other major eunuch player, the plump Lord Varys.

'[Eunuchs] would have delicate skin, no beard,' Dr. Nelson said. 'They could build some muscle, maybe. They were pudgy men. Generally, [they had] thinner arms and thinner legs and big, round torsos.'

This does not sound like our Grey Worm.

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'Loss of all testosterone would make it difficult to build muscle mass,' Dr. Stahl added. 'It would reduce their physical strength, and might even result in a mental fogginess that might make them more distractable in battle.'

Wait, so The Unsullied might not even be the best soldiers in all of Westeros? Everything we have ever been told is a lie.

The Upside

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But wait, there's more! According to Dr. Nelson, women throughout history have found plenty of reasons to go to bed — both physically and metaphorically — with a eunuch.

'They generally can last a long time in bed,' Dr. Nelson said. 'Isn't that a nice thing? Without the testosterone, they can last a long time. That's one perk. Also they can't have children, because they're sterile. [In history], women would often have a eunuch lover, because if she was the queen or the courtier she'd never get pregnant and have a bastard child. She could have this lover who would be an emotional person with her — a man without testosterone becomes highly emotional.'

Basically, if Missandei ever needs to vent after viewing the charred corpses of local livestock, or the crucified bodies of enslaved children, then Grey Worm's her guy.

'Women in the courts would have loved a [eunuch], because he was very much more in tune emotionally, and wasn't always after sex,' Nelson concluded. 'But when she wanted sex, he would comply. The ideal husband!'

Sounds like it! So, what do we think — should these two crazy kids give it a go? Stranger things have definitely happened on 'Game of Thrones.' (And yes we're looking at you, Cersei and Jaime.)