Curren$y Talks 'Michael Knight,' Producers On 'Pilot Talk 2'

Curren Y Talksmichael Knight


If you're like us, you probably wondered where Curren$y 's fascination with Michael Knight, the 1980s action star of the TV show ' Knight Rider ,' began. Not that Knight, played by David Hasselhoff, wasn't a great character, but was he hip-hop?

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'David Hasselhoff played one of the coolest people I had ever seen brought to life on screen,' said Curren$y, in defense of 'Knight Rider.' 'F--king Michael Knight wore a leather jacket and drove a Trans-Am. It was hot most of the time, in a lot of the scenes he was in the desert. That Trans-Am was driving through cactus fields and this dude was wearing a leather jacket.'

Despite Knight's inappropriate attire, Curren$y said that the 80s star was the man, so much so the MC's is trying to revive the Knight ideals with his music.

'I’m trying to get my Hasslehoff together ... Michael Knight was the epitome of cool,' continued Curren$y. 'He had a Trans-Am, it could talk, it could pick him up in sticky situations. Within 30 minutes he solved the crime, saved the world and got the girl.'

Now that conundrum is solved, which still doesn't explain the odd noises the New Orleans MC makes during the track, let's talk Pilot Talk 2 production credits. This go round, the list's standout tracks include more than the talented Ski Beatz.

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'Monsta Beatz did two, but Ski does the majority because I'm recording in NY most of the time,' said Curren$y. 'Monsta Beatz are New Orleans so there’s no way I can get a project done without having some production from my people. I got my homeboy Droop E to produce 'O.G... (The Jar),' something I had Fiend on, who’s also from New Orleans, and another track produced by Nesby Phipps. He produced 'Prioritize' on Pilot Talk 1 and he produced 'Hold On' on Pilot Talk 2 and he’s also from New Orleans so we hold it down.'

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