Curren$y 'Learned More About The Business' Dealing With Damon Dash

Curren Ylearned More About Businessdealing With Damon Dash

Curren$y and Damon Dash may not see eye to eye, but the Hot Spitter admits that he learned a lot trying to do business with his one-time friend. On Sunday, signed with Warner Bros. , where he dropped Weekend at Burnie's through his own imprint, Jet Life, in 2011.

Now Curren$y is demanding that Dame stop selling his LPs. Dash claims that he is well within his rights and that the rapper did in fact grant him permission, but a judge has yet to rule on the case. Even though the union is now marred in negativity, Curren$y contends that it was a learning experience. 'With my last situation, I think I've learned more about the business,' he said, referencing Dame's DD172. 'I've learned more about the business through that prior situation.'