CyHi The Prynce Vents About Kanye West On 'Elephant In The Room': Listen

Cyhi Prynce Vents About Kanye West Onelephant Room

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Fans of Cyhi the Prynce have been waiting on his debut album for years, and it looks he's finally run out of patience. On Wednesday (August 5) the G.O.O.D Music rapper vented about his frustration with Kanye West , Def Jam and even his labelmates on a track called 'Elephant in the Room.'

He begins by addressing Kanye directly, and even admitting that this could end up being a big problem.

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'Hey 'Ye, do you know what it feel like/ To really be signed to you in real life?' he spits. 'Have you ever wrote a song that you know you 'bout to say something wrong but you still write?/ I hope when we done that we still tight/ But why I wasn't on the cover of the Complex ?/ You must have seen what I did to Funk Flex...'

In that verse, Cyhi is referencing a Complex magazine cover from 2012 , which featured Kanye West and most other members of G.O.O.D. Music -- but not him. Clearly he still has some feelings about it.

And, in the final verse, he reminds us what prompted him to drop this song in the first place.

'Cause nobody wanna listen to the kid rap,' he spits. 'Okay my n---a Pusha's sh-t snap/ Nah I'm lying man, that sh-t's crap/ Okay, Teyana got a fat ass/ But she won't let nobody in the clique tap/ And ain't gon' be no new Yeezy album, cause he in the trunk with his mouth taped and his wrist wrapped.'

This sounds serious.

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