Daniel Sharman Can't Name His Shampoo Brand, And Other Tidbits From The 'Teen Wolf After After Show'

Daniel Sharman Cant Name His Shampoo Brand


In case you just HAD to know what kind of pasta shape Daniel Sharman prefers -- because it's totally possible he'll drop by for dinner unannounced -- LOOK NO FURTHER. MTV.com 's own Morgan Evans and Internet person-at-large, Teen Wolf ' after show, aptly titled the ' Teen Wolf After After Show ' (cuz you're supposed to watch it after MTV's ' Wolf Watch '), and the dynamo tag-team is 'barraging' their weekly guests with the most hard-hitting fan questions they can find on Twitter. In the first episode below, Morgan and Lo waste no time getting into the good stuff with the British actor behind loner Isaac Lahey .

'What kind of shampoo do you use?' Morgan asks on behalf of one fan, and right out of the gate Sharman is stumped. 'I don't even know,' he answers, perplexed, but does at least note that it's a must-have for any shower. 'Always use shampoo.' Eventually the Q&A turns to matters of the 'Teen Wolf' premiere , and when asked about the Scott / Allison /Isaac love triangle, the handsome thespian says that Scott's opinion definitely matters to Isaac. 'It's a very difficult, kind of, balance to make, which is the things that are inside you -- the hormones that are raging -- and the loyalty you have to your friends,' he explains. 'It's a tough battle.' Yet while Isaac may try to adhere to ' Guy Code ' when it comes to Scott's feelings for Allison, Sharman adds that Mr. Argent's approval doesn't mean s**t.

'Scott? He's a friend. Dad? Piss off,' he jokes. We'd like to see Isaac try and say that to the man's face...

Check out the full 'After After Show' for more fan questions and 'Teen Wolf' talk, including tips from the cast on how to properly watch the show. You realllly want to see who recommended 'naked with a fog machine and shadow puppets.'