Danny DeVito And Arnold Schwarzenegger Have An Onstage 'Twins' Reunion

Danny Devito Arnold Schwarzenegger Have An Onstagetwinsreunion

They're still 'Twins' after all these years.

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger , who co-starred in 1988's 'Twins,' reunited onstage in Germany at the Golden Camera awards, where DeVito presented Schwarzenegger with a lifetime achievement award.

The duo were meant to appear together on the big screen in 'Triplets,' a sequel that would reveal Eddie Murphy as a long-lost sibling to the fraternal twins (hence, 'Triplets,') but the project is on hold. Comedian and 'Frozen' star Josh Gad, who wrote the script, told MTV News last spring that the original stars loved the storyline for the sequel.

To my knowledge, they all flipped out for the final product, Gad said. Everybody is, from my knowledge, extremely happy with it.

The script is sitting there, it’s ready to be made, he added. It’s Universal’s call whether or not to make it.

Until we get that go-ahead from Universal, we'll have to be satisfied with real-life reunions like this weekend's. Check out the pictures below.

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