Danny McBride v. Danny McBride

Danny Mcbride V Danny Mcbride

Editor's Note: The Danny McBride on the right didn't write Underworld. Keep that in mind throughout this article and you might just get out alive.

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2008 was a bit of a breakout year for actor Danny McBride . He stole a few scenes from Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express , blew a bunch of stuff up in Tropic Thunder , and received critical acclaim (if not huge box office success) for The Foot Fist Way .

But conquering the world of comedy isn't enough for this promising new star. He also wrote the screenplay for this month's Underworld: Rise of the Lycans , the prequel to his successful vampire/werewolf saga. And did I mention he's been a professional stuntman since 1993, and was even the stunt coordinator for Jawbreaker ? This guy really does it all. He's so prolific in fact, that IMDb couldn't contain all of his credits in one profile. That's pretty impressive. Lots of other actors also dabble in the worlds of directing, producing and screenwriting from time to time, but I've never seen anyone else earn the honor of a second IMDb profile before.

Wait a minute. The more I study these profiles, the more discrepancies I'm noticing. The profile that mentions Danny's stunt work and Underworld writing credits tells me he's 6'2', his middle name is Flynn, and he moved around a lot with his military family as a child. But the profile that chronicles his comedic roles says he's 5'10', was born in Georgia, and his middle initial is 'R.' Could these two profiles actually be for two different men, both named Danny McBride? Okay fine. Maybe there are two different Danny McBrides, and IMDb has failed to post the correct photos for Danny F. McBride, Underworld scribe, because they figure no one cares what screenwriters look like anyway. I guess that's the 'reasonable' explanation.

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The whole thing of course, is extremely unfair to Danny F. McBride. Once there's someone out there more famous than you that has your same name, you kind of lose a part of your identity forever. Even without the whole picture screw-up on IMDb, you know people are going to go into the new Underworld movie next weekend, see the credits, and whisper to their friends, 'Hey, did you know that Red from Pineapple Express wrote this movie?' There's already some of this going on in the message boards on his IMDb profile. Only there it gets much worse, because one poster assumes that the writer of Underworld is the same guy who appeared in Hot Rod and Drillbit Taylor ! As much as it would suck to have people assume some actor wrote your movies, it might suck more to have them think you acted in the other guy's terrible movies.

Danny and Danny, there has to be a way the two of you guys could work this out. Maybe one of you could go the 'let's make my middle name my last name!' route to prevent future confusion. It needs to be done to help save both of your reputations, even if you have to solve it The Foot Fist Way .

Editor's Note: Click picture below to get confused.

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