David Duchovny's Sex Addiction: The Signs Were There

David Duchovnys Sex Addiction

It's really no surprise that David Duchovny is in rehab for sex addiction, as People reported Thursday. Just look at his filmography: The clues are everywhere, including in the titles. His most recent projects include the second 'X-Files' movie ('X' as in 'X-rated') and Showtime's 'Californication' ('nuff said), but even in years past his TV and film work often hinted that something just wasn't right with the guy.

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Way back in 1990, when no one outside the English departments at Princeton and Yale knew who he was, Duchovny starred in a movie called 'Julia Has Two Lovers.' He played a creepy dude who called women he selected randomly from the phone book and pleasured himself during the conversations. On a related note, in the 'X-Files' TV series, Fox Mulder had very little actual sex, but it is widely known that the character had a major porn addiction. In at least one episode he gets turned on watching a tape of a Bigfoot sighting.

In 1991 Duchovny co-starred with Mimi Rogers in 'The Rapture.' He played Randy (Randy!), a man of questionable ethics who is into seriously kinky sex. During the second half of the film, Randy finds religion, makes an honest woman out of Mimi's character and fathers a child before getting blown away by a disgruntled former employee.

In 1992 Duchovny began a long stint as narrator of 'Red Shoe Diaries,' a Showtime series that involved anonymous women who answered newspaper personals ads by describing their sordid sex lives in vivid detail.

On 'The Larry Sanders Show' Duchovny had a few guest-starring stints playing 'himself,' a character who repeatedly demonstrates his infatuation with Larry.

Duchovny starred in 2002's 'Full Frontal.' I'm not too familiar with the movie's plot, but the title says it all.

On a 2003 episode of 'Sex and the City' Duchovny guest-starred as Jeremy, an old flame of Carrie's who tries to rekindle the romance. But their renewed relationship is hindered by the fact that Jeremy resides in a mental institution. Was Jeremy there because he was a sex addict? It's unclear, but looking back — knowing what we know now — it does seem to be a distinct possibility.