DC Fans Are Clamoring For A 'Poison Ivy' Comic Series -- Here's Why That's A Great Idea

Dc Fans Are Clamoring

You've definitely seen the iconic Batman villain Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, before in your life -- but what do you really KNOW about her, other than that she likes plants and hates people? After all, she really only gets the chance to shine as a guest in other comic books and adaptations, and not ever in her OWN story. How come she hasn't been given a series to lead for herself?

That's the question a lot of fans have been asking lately, especially now that DC Comics is about to release a batch of new titles to appeal to a wider range of readers. They've even put together a marketing campaign called ' DCYou ' to highlight the diversity in the new line-up -- and so far, we're pretty dang excited about the way the company is changing.

DC Comics

But you know what would be even more exciting? If DC Comics would recognize that they've got an amazing character on their hands who isn't doing much but occasionally mess with Gotham and get all cozy with Harley Quinn . Poison Ivy could be so much more than that -- and here's why we think they should consider creating a comic book series just for her:

  1. DC needs more women leading (and creating!) their comics. https://twitter.com/T0xic0dendr0n/status/603945930837004288

    Recently DC's gotten a lot better at gender diversity both on and off the page, but for a lot of comic readers, it's still not enough; only 14% of DC's June titles are being created by women according to one blog's numbers , and only 9 titles of them are led by women. Announcing a 'Poison Ivy' title would be a great way to further inspire female comic book fans, especially if they got an all-lady team of creators to bring her to life!

  2. Her environmental message is really important right now. https://twitter.com/Scarlotte_Rose/status/601445043417690113

    Climate change is a huge concern for scientists and environmentalists around the world -- and as a culture, we deal with our problems best when we figure out how to explore them in fiction. A 'Poison Ivy' comic would be a great opportunity for that! Although we can't imagine her being too kind to the rest of us in the process...

  3. All of her friends have their own series already. https://twitter.com/MissLunarmagick/status/601038218616770560

    Once upon a time, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy all came together for a series called 'Gotham City Sirens,' in which they teamed up to protect one another against Batman and the male villains of Gotham. Now that Harley and Catwoman have their own popular and successful solo titles (which is especially surprisingly for Harley considering that most people think she's the Joker's sidekick and nothing else), Ivy's the only Siren left without one. Two out of three is pretty good, but what if we could make it a full set? That'd be pretty awesome, right?

  4. She has a unique opportunity for stories that the rest of DCU can't tell. https://twitter.com/jjkat82/status/601987185055793152

    Imagine an antihero, female Captain Planet who doesn't need a bunch of teenagers to tell her how to do her job. You could TOTALLY write a Poison Ivy comic with that framework in mind, and it would be great.

  5. Comic book writer Gail Simone is up for it. https://twitter.com/GailSimone/status/603502602945302528

    Not only is Simone a great writer of female characters in general ( check out her new 'Swords of Sorrow' crossover event !), but she's also penned one of the best Poison Ivy stories in recent memory for ' Batgirl Annual #2 .' Plus, between Barbara Gordon and Red Sonja, throwing Poison Ivy in the mix would add yet another redhead to Simone's regular rotation. As a fellow member of the Red Headed League , I am extremely personally invested in this idea.

  6. DC's audience REALLY wants this to happen. https://twitter.com/Scarlotte_Rose/status/603942434465251328

    Using the hashtags #PoisonIvyLeague and #DCYou on Twitter, fans of the femme fatale (normally I hate it when people describe characters that way but yeah, that is TOTALLY Ivy's thing) are really making their voices heard. You'd be wise to listen, DC!