'Dead Island' Skull Guide - Colored Skulls, Developer's Craft Weapons And Diamonds

Dead Islandskull Guide Colored Skulls

Dead Island

by Russ Frushtick

'Dead Island' has been out for less than a week, and already people are starting to stumble upon some pretty incredibly secrets that the developers have hidden throughout Banoi. One of the more interesting secrets is the existence of colored skulls scattered throughout the island. Picking one up would give you no indication as to its purpose. It's not visible in your inventory and there's no reference of it in any of the hints. But the colored skulls serve more of a purpose than just as easter eggs. They may just be the key to the most powerful weapons in the game.


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Once word started to spread about the colored skulls, internet detectives started scouring the island. If you don't think you have the stomach to search every nook and cranny, this handy guide will show you where to find the skulls, what to do with them and what your reward will be. Special props go to the OTWBoys , whose YouTube channel is filled with handy 'Dead Island' secrets.

WARNING: Location spoilers to follow. If you're looking to play through 'Dead Island' clean, stop reading now.


One of the game's story missions will take you to a supermarket. There are a series of stairwells in this supermarket. Check underneath each one, as one of them will have the orange skull hiding in the darkness.

Once found, bring the orange skull back into the sewers. One of the large sewer rooms has a floater and several zombies lying down in water. On one side of the room should be a ladder which takes you up to an upper level with a door. Go in the door and you should be in a small room. There is a pile of skulls in this room with an arrow pointing at them. Hold down the use key to place the orange skull on the pile and you're done.

The video below has the process backwards, so skip towards the end to see where the skull is. Placing the skull occurs in the middle.

The reward is a weapons mod called 'developer's no. 1 craft,' which creates an electrified knife. It requires ,000, 5 diamonds and a battery.


One of the story missions in act one will have you investigating a crashed helicopter and guiding a Russian soldier to a nearby bunker. Once there, you should find a manhole cover which will lead you to a second bunker. This second bunker has a small area with a bed, a weapon crate and some boxes. It's also home to the brown skull.

Once you have the brown skull, there's a medium-sized mountain nearby that you'll have to climb. There's no easy way to describe the path you take, so watch the video below for better guidance.

Your reward is a weapon's mod called the 'developer's 666 craft.' It costs ,000 to make and requires 5 diamonds. The weapon itself allows your character to shoot force lighting from their left hand at the expense of their stamina.


Found in the sewers, in a room filled with toxic barrels. There's a ladder in this room which will take you to an upper platform. Walk around the platform and you'll arrive at a soiled mattress, a weapons crate and the purple skull. The video below shows the location of the purple skull.

The purple skull drop-off point is right next to where you'll find the blue skull, so you should skip to the next section now.


In the city of Moresby, on the far east side, there's a mission you will pick up by walking past a woman screaming from her apartment. This mission will lead you into her apartment with the objective of killing all the zombies inside. Once you complete this, you'll find the woman on the top floor. Also on this floor, in one of the side rooms, is a glass cabinet with the blue skull inside. Smash the glass and nab the skull.

In another one of the side rooms on this floor you can find a stove. This is where you'll drop off the purple skull.

The reward for dropping off the purple skull is the weapon mod 'developer's no. 4 craft.' It costs ,000, 5 diamonds and a battery to make. It creates a special explosive knife.


The blue skull drop-off point requires you get to Act 3 in the game's story. Once you do, fast travel back to the Lifeguard Station and walk to the beach where the game's first mission began. Looking at that first house on the beach, turn left and follow the beach west. Eventually you'll come upon an abandoned bunker. If there are no zombies around the bunker, you've come too early and you should complete more of the story.

If there are zombies around the bunker, kill them and talk to the guy inside. He'll open the gate for you. Once inside, look for a manhole cover which will send you to yet another bunker. Here you should find a ladder. Climb the ladder, pick up a gas canister at the top and drop back down. Near the bottom of the ladder you should find a door that won't open. Throw the gas canister at the door and blow it up. The door will open and you'll find the blue skull drop-off location on the wall in the next room.

The reward for the blue skull is the 'developer's no. 3 craft' weapon mod. This mod costs ,000, requires 5 diamonds and an oleander. It creates a knife with toxic properties.


The green skull is located on the Resort map, on top of a mountain to the far south. It's pretty hard to describe, as there aren't any obvious landmarks nearby, so just follow this video, which shows the precise location on the map:

As for the drop-off point, you need to head back to the supermarket. The room you're looking for is the actual supermarket itself (rather than the back offices). When you played through this part in the campaign, it was full of human enemies. When you return, you should be looking for a shelving unit against one of the walls which has a ton of teddy bears on it. One of the teddy bears should have the skull icon to indicate where to place the green skull.

The reward for the green skull is the 'developer's no. 2 craft' weapon mod. This mod costs ,000, requires 5 diamonds and a battery. It creates a nasty baseball bat that sends guys flying when it lands a critical hit.


You may notice that the weapons created by these skulls are obscenely expensive to create and repair, making them a bit useless in the grand scheme. There is, however, some speculation that, if combined, these weapons form some sort of super weapon. If that's the case, we may be missing a few of the colored skull locations. We'll be scouring the beaches of Banoi looking for more and updating this guide as we find them.