Debby Ryan Just Made Suite Life On Deck Fans Really Freakin’ Emotional

Debby Ryan Just Made Suite Life Deck Fans Really Freakin Emotional

Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck aired its finale a little over five years ago, and clearly star Debby Ryan (and all of us) still aren’t over it. It was an emotional time, guys; an era of suiteness was ending.

Last week, Twitter user @girlposts shared the scene where Bailey, Cody, Zack, and London graduate from high school in front of the twins’ parents, Arwin Hochauser, and Mr. Moseby. It’s a bittersweet moment because while they finally completed this chapter in their lives, they’re all going to go off and do different things. Exhibit A: Bailey decides to attend Yale even though her boyfriend, Cody, wasn’t accepted. SOB.

Anyway, Debby Ryan (who played Bailey) weighed in on this reminiscence Monday (August 15) with one simple word ...

... which hit fans right in the honey nut feelios. On social media, fans suddenly became a mess and said they weren’t prepared for this kind of heartbreak . A couple just uploaded crying GIFs to convey their emotions because it’s a lot to take in unexpectedly when you’re just perusing through your timeline. THANKS A LOT, DEBBY.