The Definitive Ranking of All of Oliver Queen's Hairstyles on 'Arrow'

Definitive Ranking All Oliver Queens Hairstyles Onarrow

Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell ) and his hair have been through a lot in three plus seasons of ' Arrow .' From the humble beginnings of Mop-Haired Oliver to the Politician-Hair Oliver we've got now, Oliver Queen is not afraid to try out new looks.

But not all Oliver Queen hairdos are created equal. Here is a definitive ranking of all of Oliver's hairstyles on 'Arrow' so far...

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  1. Oliver's Pre-Island Hair. '>The CW There are no words. There is only this hashtag: #CreeperHair. [/item]
  2. Oliver's League of Assassin Buzz. Cate Cameron/The CW

    If Oliver's humanity and good judgment is tied to his hair, then it makes sense that he would have his shortest cut during his brief foray into League of Assassins madness in season 3. Oliver made some bad , unfeeling decisions during this haircut. Let's just hope he never buzz-cuts his hair again — or else Star City may fall.

  3. Oliver's Early Island Days 'Do. The CW

    The transitionary period when Oliver first washed up on Lian Yu was rough . Ollie not only had to bury his father (or, you know, cover his corpse with rocks or whatever), but learn how to fend for himself on an island full of people with nefarious motives. Given this context, one can excuse Ollie's Early Island Days 'Do. This is the 'do of a very confused man.

  4. Oliver's Perched Hat Hair. The CW

    We have an inexplicable affection for the 'do Oliver was sporting in the season 3 flashback to that time he visited Starling City (and first saw Felicity!) in 'The Return.' Sure, it looks like the wig Stephen Amell is wearing might be attached to his baseball cap, but we're fans of convenience.

    And, in-universe, we love that Oliver is so pitifully committing to his disguise. Dude might have one of the most famous (and most handsome) mugs in Starling City history, but he's perched a hat on his head, so we're sure no one will recognize him.

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  5. Oliver's My Hair Is The Least of My Problems 'Do. The CW

    Post Early Island Days 'Do, things on The Island only get worse, leading to this stunner of a hairstyle.

  6. Oliver's Just Rescued From The Island Mop. The CW

    This look is even more hilarious given new evidence that Oliver had access to clippers up until at least two years ago, if not more recently. Did Oliver grow out his hair so no one would suspect he left The Island during his five-year absence? We wouldn't put it past this schemer.

    Also, Oliver can kind of pull off the overgrown look? So looking forward to the end of season 5 flashbacks.

  7. Oliver's Hong Kong Hair. The CW

    Oliver's Hong Kong mop was made slightly better by the beanie look he adopted in Hong Kong. But only slightly ...

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  8. Oliver's Just Peaking Out of The Hood Hair. The CW

    For the island vigilante who needs that extra hair to stay warm on those cold Lian Yu nights...

  9. Oliver's Politician Hair. The CW

    Hairstyles can make or break elections. Luckily, Oliver's Politician Hair is on point.

  10. Oliver's Artfully-Ruffled Hair. The CW

    Call us nostalgic, but we're big fans of the 'do Oliver was sporting in the present-day storyline of season 1 and season 2 — especially when it grew out a little bit. (This 'do also made a glorious return in the Flarrow season 3 crossover...)

    Maybe Oliver was just happy to be back in civilization, but he took very good care of his hair upon his return to Starling City. We could dedicate an entire article to his scruff alone... But we probably won't. We will, however, move to petition to bring Artfully-Ruffled hair back. Who's with us? ?

  11. #PeakHair The CW