A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Ridiculous 'America’s Next Top Model' Makeovers

Definitive Ranking Most Ridiculousamerica S Next Top Modelmakeovers

America's Next Top Model has been a treasure trove of memorable moments: from Tyra's ' We were all rooting for you! ' speech, to Cycle 4's Rebecca fainting in the middle of a sentence. But perhaps the most beloved part of the show is the yearly makeover episode.

Over the shows 22 original seasons, Tyra's Ty-OverTM episode subjected 310 separate people to hair transformations that wowed and awed -- some for good reasons, and many for terrible reasons, leaving tears, weave tracks, and a few show departures in their wake.

With that in mind, let's honor 'Top Model' by counting down the 10 most ridiculous Tyra makeovers in 'ANTM' History.

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  1. Unnecessary Bleaching Victim #1 The CW

    Tyra seemed to want to bleach everyone's hair regardless of hairstyle, sex or skin color. And for that, Tyra shows she is truly fair and just. This modelesque victim is Cycle 7's Megan Morris.

  2. Cassandra Quitting After They Cut Her Hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=220PxtwO9QI

    This doesn't exactly have to do with the hair itself, but the human it's attached to. Why did Cycle 5's Cassandra quit after they cut most of her hair? The model and actress (who -- fun fact -- is married to Stephen Amell now) says she decided to leave the show because they were changing who she was too much.

    It's a good thing she wasn't in a later season because by that time, they were changing peoples' teeth .

  3. Molly's Weave The CW

    If we were to take a guess, Tyra was going for a Taylor Swift circa ' Fearless ' kind of look for Cycle 16's Molly, but when the owner of the salon you're in compares you to the lead singer of Twisted Sister while you're getting your weave done, there's a problem.

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    Afterward, even Tyra admits the thing on poor Molly's head needs to be fixed, and after one attempt they got rid of it completely, so her hair could ~breathe~.

  4. Unnecessary Bleaching Victim #2 The CW

    The worst unnecessary bleaching happened to Kari of Cycle 21. Tyra wanted to make her look 'like an alien.' She succeeded -- and we lost sight of the stunning model's eyebrows in the process.

  5. Hadassah's Edgy Cut The CW

    What will make a pageant queen look more edgy? Is it perhaps changing her clothing, augmenting her personality or encouraging her to step outside the box? NO, DUMMY. Just shave a chunk out of the long, flowing hair she's been growing for decades!

    You got to hand it to Cycle 22's Hadassah, though -- she went through with it, even though she had an existential crisis and almost quit the show.

  6. Phil's Jesus Weave The CW

    Tyra thought the hirsute Phil from Cycle 20 would look *so great* with a weave to give him more a 'sexy rocker' vibe. What he ended up looking like is the lead in a production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar.' Nowadays Phil (who is signed to Ford Models -- go 'head!) actually grew out his real hair -- and it looks great .

  7. The Cue Ball Effect The CW

    Cycle 20's Cory was another 'let's make someone look like an alien' experiment that Tyra was seemingly running through the 22 seasons of ANTM. Cory ended up placing third in the competition -- but whether or not he made it there with help from or in spite of his lack of hair is up for debate.

  8. The Half White, Half Black Dye Job The CW

    Shei from Cycle 22's hair asks, 'Why, Tyra?' Not only is it impractical, it seems like that hair would be awfully hard upkeep, and even harder for a model to market to actual designers and photographers.

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  9. The Model Mullet The CW

    If it seems like most of the weird makeovers appeared toward the end, you would be correct. Leave it to Tyra to take the all-American good looks of Cycle 22's Ava (whose hair looked like this before) and give her a mullet in the year 2015. A mullet!

  10. The Beard Weave The CW

    By far, the worst hair-related tragedy to befall any contestant in the history of ANTM was Cycle 21's Denzel and his 'lace front' beard weave . WAS THERE ANY DOUBT?

    To casual viewers of the show, Tyra remarked that this made him look manlier. Whether or not it did is up to the viewer (no it did not) -- but this much is true: we have Ms. Banks to thank for some of the best, weirdest and ~hairiest~ moments to appear on TV in the last 12 years. Thanks, Ty Ty. ❤️

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