'Degrassi: New Class' First Look: Is Maya The New Drake?

Degrassi New Classfirst Look

New year, new ' Degrassi .'

The first trailer for ' Degrassi: New Class ' is here, and it's packed with hookups, makeups, meltdowns and... a SWAT team? It goes there, indeed. Maya is living out her rock 'n' roll dreams, at the expense of her relationship with Zig, while Miles is falling apart. Is he confused about his feelings for Tristan? In true 'Degrassi' tradition, 'Degrassi: Next Class' will more than deliver on the drama.


OK, so we're not going to lie, 'You're definitely not normal... because there is no normal' gave us serious chills.

But the biggest bomb this trailer drops is that Grace -- literally the saving grace of this show -- is seriously sick. Like, coughing up blood in the sink sick. And Zoe knows! That's definitely not good. We can't lose Grace. She's the best thing to happen to 'Degrassi' since Alex Nuñez. We are NOT OK with this news, 'Degrassi.'

Kanye West e Adam Lavine

'Next Class' will introduce five new characters to Degrassi High: Yael Baron (Jamie Bloch), Esme Song (Chelsea Clark), Vijay Maraj (Dante Scott), Goldi Nahir (Soma Bhatia) and Baaz Nahir (Amir Bageria). We're already fans of Vijay because he's by far the most enthusiastic high schooler ever: 'I love high school!'

All 20 episodes of 'Degrassi: Next Class' hit Netflix on January 15, 2016.