Demi Lovato Has Already Returned To Twitter: ‘I’m Back Bitches’

Demi Lovato Has Already Returned Twitter

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Less than 24 hours after swearing off Twitter and Instagram , Demi Lovato apparently had a change of heart. Maybe she got bored. Maybe she watched Game of Thrones and decided to take a cue from Khaleesi, Queen Of Not Taking Shit From Her Haters. Or maybe she just felt lost in a hashtag-less world. Hey, the girl’s only human.

Whatever the reason, Demi returned to social media on Tuesday, declaring/threatening, Fuck this.. I’m back bitches. And I’m coming back more honest than ever. She also followed up with a trio of emojis -- a sunglasses smiley, a middle finger, and a purple devil -- to really drive home that 'unapologetically badass' factor.

Don't worry, Lovatics -- it sounds like Demi's definitely back for good. The 23-year-old later claimed she loves her fans 'so fucking much' and promised not to let her 'lame ass haters' get in the way again.

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No sign yet about whether Demi plans to reboot her Instagram as well, but suffice to say we'll be anxiously awaiting her next move.