Demi Lovato Is Packing Serious Heat In This Exclusive First Look At Her Badass 'From Dusk Till Dawn' Debut

Demi Lovato Is Packing Serious Heat This Exclusive First Look Her Badassfrom Dusk Till Dawndebut

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Demi Lovato is returning to TV to spice things up for her bf Wilmer Valderrama on his show ' From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series ' -- and MTV News has your exclusive first look at Lovato in character.

Unsurprisingly, the 23-year-old is playing a total badass on the Oct. 20 episode, ominously titled 'There Will Be Blood.' Lovato will play Maia, the sexy, sultry sidekick of Carlos Madrigal, played by real-life boyfriend Valderrama, in the final two episodes of the season. Here's your first look at Maia, a former biker girl, in action in Robert Rodriguez's Miramax/El Rey Network horror drama:

Lovato guest stars as Maia, the sexy, sultry sidekick of Carlos Madrigal, played by real-life boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

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Maia is packing serious heat! Not only is she a fierce af character, but we're loving her all-black aesthetic. She totally means business.

Lovato broke the news of her guest-starring role back in June by posting Instas with Rodriguez and her bf Valderrama on set. 'Y'all ain't ready,' she teased at the time, and now we finally know what she was talking about!

We can't imagine the kind of trouble Maia is going to get herself into, but we are really looking forward to seeing Lovato kick some serious ass. Apparently, we aren't the only ones.

Rodriguez, who directed Lovato in the season 2 finale, enjoyed working with Lovato so much that he directed the music video for her latest single 'Confident,' out later this month. Lovato will team up with one of Rodriguez's other fave femme fatales -- 'Fast and Furious' star Michelle Rodriguez -- in the video. Now, that's a girl gang we'd like to be a part of!

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Fans hoping to catch up on 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' before Lovato makes her kickass debut on the Oct. 20 episode can catch the first six episodes of season 2 in a catchup marathon airing in order three times in a row, beginning on Saturday, Oct. 3 on El Rey Network.