Demi Lovato’s New ‘Body Say’ Video Is So Steamy It’ll Make You Blush

Demi Lovato S New Body Say Video Is Steamy It Ll Make You Blush

Since dropping the provocative single Body Say on July 1, Demi Lovato has left fans itching for an official music video. Well, Lovatics, our girl hasn’t quite followed through just yet, but she has given us the next best thing: the song’s so-called first official live video, which is packed with steamy moments like this:

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Lovato debuted the clip on Vevo today (September 16), which captures a live performance of the song from this summer’s Honda Civic Tour: Future Now.

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One of the most exciting things about going on tour this summer was that I knew that I was going to get to play new music, the 23-year-old says by way of introduction, before the stage starts glowing with warm red lights and the sexiness sets in.

Anyone who’s heard Body Say knows it’s not exactly a subtle number, and Lovato really leans into its lustiness by feelin’ herself up and down and grinding against the stage floor. Meanwhile, it must be said that she rocks one of those glittery bodysuits she loves so much and nails every single note. Would you expect anything less?