Demi Lovato Was Joking About That 'Favorite Dish' Comment, OK Guys?

Demi Lovato Was Joking About Thatfavorite Dishcomment

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Guys, we need to talk about Demi Lovato . And even more, we need to talk about the nature of celebrity interviews.

During a recent sit-down with German radio station NRJ , a reporter asked Demi what her favorite dish was -- meaning, you know, what her favorite prepared meal was. Without hesitation, Demi responded: 'I like mugs because they're very comfortable in your hand and they hold the hot things that you don't have to touch -- so, um, you know, coffee or hot tea.'

And then, without missing a beat, she gave a quick glance around, then flashed just about the biggest smile we've ever seen.

Think about it. Demi is a pop star. She makes the press rounds. She gets asked similar questions over and over again. Maybe she gets bored of hearing herself say the same responses. Maybe she gets worried she's coming off as too rehearsed when she's really not meaning to, but she's been asked the 'favorites' questions so often that it's hard to still sound fresh.

Or maybe Demi is just hilarious and really good at turning basic questions into ways she can reveal other facets of her personality than just the ones we hear when we dig into ' Cool For The Summer ' or see when we watch her slay at the VMAs .

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And to the haters who think she really didn't understand the question, or that she's dumb, or some other judgement-filled comment -- Demi just doesn't care.

Yes. All of the yes.