DG Yola Arrested For Murder Of Atlanta Man

Dg Yola Arrested Murder Atlanta Man

DG Yola has seen his rap career plagued by legal drama, and once again the underground Atlanta rapper is locked up, this time facing a murder charge.

Yola, who was born Mario Talley, was arrested on Friday and charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and attempted robbery following the March 9 shooting death of a man and robbery of another in Atlanta, according to Yola maintained that he was defending himself in the altercation.

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'We had them pistols out there and cuz f---ed around and grabbed one of them straps. When he grabbed them straps, I really felt like he was gonna shoot me, so I shot him before he shot me,' Yola told MTV News about the incident back in 2012. 'He wasn't the first n---a I blast and he might not be the last.'