Did Justin Bieber Really Just Pee His Pants?

Did Justin Bieber Really Just Pee His Pants

UPDATE (2/24/17, 10:13 a.m. ET) : Justin Bieber remains chill AF. He not only was able to crack a joke at a spill that cast a wet shadow over his 'dick area' and gave the impression that he pissed himself, but wished everyone laughing well in the process:


Justin Bieber is officially more chill than you are. I can say that confidently because it takes the most chill person in the universe to stroll around Los Angeles with a giant, possibly pee-smelling stain on his pants. Justin Bieber is that person.


On February 23, TMZ obtained a paparazzi video that shows Bieber walking around West Hollywood with a giant stain on the crotch of his $400 sweatpants. The gossip site made the obligatory Justin is ‘pissed’ at The Weeknd joke, and we were left wondering how a 22-year-old man could appear so calm amid such a sticky situation. The best-case scenario is that he spilled a drink on himself and couldn’t change his pants while out and about. The worst case is that he deadass peed himself, and nonchalantly carried on to demonstrate just how many fucks he gives.

Apparently, Bieber saw the photos of himself with the stain seen ‘round the world, and responded in a surprisingly chill way: by making fun of himself. He took to his newly reinstated Instagram to post a split-image meme with his sweatpants-soaked pic on one side and a still from Billy Madison on the other side.


As fans of the 1995 comedy may remember, the scene features Adam Sandler standing up to a bully by pretending to pee his pants so that another kid who actually did pee his pants wouldn’t feel so alone. You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants, Sandler declared.

A heroic moment from Billy Madison, and a truly chill moment from Bieber. Good job here, everyone.