Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Her Butt? See For Yourself

Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Her Butt

Everyone knows that we love Lindsay Lohan . We love Photoshop, too (especially when we can Photoshop cat heads on human bodies). But we don't love them together.

That's why LiLo's latest Instagram is sort of troubling to us. You see, the 'Parent Trap' actress posted a photo of her wearing a leotard on Wednesday night, and while we think she was trying to slim down her thighs, she warped the rest of the picture too.

In fact, this is the second time this picture was posted -- and as of Thursday morning, it still remains on her account, despite the backlash.

Lindsay is one of the many celebrities accused of Photoshopping their pics to make them look stronger or skinnier. Recently Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads have been scrutinized. And back in October, people were giving Beyonce's photos the side-eye.