Did Melissa Really Kill Charlotte On Pretty Little Liars? And More Pressing Questions

Did Melissa Really Kill Charlotte Pretty Little Liars

With only a few episodes left until the winter finale, Pretty Little Liars is finally upping the ante. The most recent episode of PLL ('We've All Got Baggage') had it all -- weddings, engagements, babies, drunk texting, murder. But it didn't have a whole lot of answers. (Then again, what episode of Pretty Little Liars does?)

The Liars seem to have narrowed down A suspect numero uno, Sara Harvey, but in a major twist, the episode revealed that they're no longer dealing with just one bad guy -- they're dealing with two . Sara Harvey may be the one seeking revenge for Charlotte's death, but she's not the one who killed Charlotte and tried to run over Emily in her jeep. Instead, that's another A entirely, and maybe it's Melissa? Who really knows anymore. Here are the biggest questions that PLL needs to answer after Season 6, Episode 7:

  1. Where's Mike Montgomery? ABC Family

    Just kidding! He's on Teen Wolf now. But in all seriousness, should Aria have officiated Ella and Byron nuptials when Mike was so against the whole thing that he refused to attend on principle? Probably not. However, seeing how little Mike seems to matter to the Montgomerys these days, Aria gets a pass.

  2. Did A actually fertilize Emily's eggs?

    I've never wanted something to happen less on Pretty Little Liars . Listen, I know you have to suspend all logic when you're watching a show like PLL . I get it. But I do not support this crazy scenario. A sending Em a baby book and a threatening message about their child together is just not OK -- and frankly, it's a little disquieting. Just how insane is this A?

    She may have been evil, but Charlotte at least had a plan -- not to mention, a motive. She was angry, and she wanted revenge. She had the resources (though, we still don't know how) and the brains to run the operation. Uber A is just all over the place. He's hacking into computers, stealing eggs, sending texts with bargain bin emojis. There's no rhyme or reason to his madness. We get that you're upset Charlotte is dead, but this just doesn't make any sense. If Uber A really wanted to scare the Liars, then he'd just kidnap them again and find a bigger dollhouse. Honestly, A's games make me think that he isn't so ' life or death ' after all. He's just a sick, sadistic loser with too much time, and money, on his hands.

  3. Is Melissa innocent? ABC Family

    Melissa claimed that she was being tortured from afar by Charlotte. She told Hanna that Charlotte was responsible for destroying her relationship with Wren, which, TBH, was probably a good thing because Wren is a smarmy guy who can't be trusted. But I digress. Melissa had the motive to kill Charlotte, and she also had the broken suitcase to corroborate Emily's claim that Melissa was definitely in Rosewood before Charlotte was murdered. So, did she do it? I'm not sure. Melissa, like Mona, has a history of being whip-smart and slightly unhinged, so it's possible that Charlotte's manipulation finally got to her. However, I'm not convinced she killed Charlotte. She's too smart for that. Sure, she may have buried Bethany Young's body the night Ali went missing -- but she only did it to protect Spencer. If Melissa wanted to protect her sister from Charlotte, she would have bought her a plane ticket to London, not committed a murder.

  4. Who made Charlotte run out of Ali's house that night?

    We know Charlotte ran away from her only ally because Ali told her that she and Dr. Rollins had been seeing each other, but there has to be more to the story than that. Who called Charlotte from Two Crows, and WHY would they leave the murder weapon there for the Rosewood P.D. to find? (It seemed to me like it was planted there because, once again, leaving the murder weapon in a place of interest is just plain idiotic.)

  5. Why would Charlotte call Wren?

    Based on Hanna's London flashback, we know that Wren ditched Melissa in the U.K. after a call from Charlotte. Why would Charlotte call Wren? It's feasible that Wren treated Charlotte while she was in Radley, so it's possible that he became her closest confidante while she was locked up. Maybe she felt comfortable telling him about something... or someone. Whoever killed Ali could have been threatening her while she was locked up in the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital -- and that person could have been Melissa. Did Charlotte call Wren because she felt threatened? Or did Charlotte call Wren to tell him that the A game was far from over? Wren has to be connected to A in some way. There are just too many clues hinting at his involvement/overall creepiness.