Did Pretty Little Liars Just Reveal Uber A's Identity?

Did Pretty Little Liars Just Reveal Uber

For seven seasons, we’ve been wrapped up in Pretty Little Liars ' web of thinly veiled lies, and its convoluted plot is only getting more unbelievable with age. To be a fan of Pretty Little Liars requires an innate ability to suspend a healthy amount of disbelief, but this season's mystery has been particularly overwrought with A-induced melodrama and romantic quarrels. The most recent episode of PLL ('Hit and Run, Run, Run') was no exception. (Though, it gets major bonus points for Spencer's booze-fueled elevator hookup and the return of Mona ‘HBIC' Vanderwaal.)

It's hard to surprise us when every new clue is a red herring and every message is an obvious trap. And yet, we can't take our eyes away from this spectacular trainwreck.

With each episode, we get pseudo-answers and even more questions. Who is Uber A? Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? And why, oh why, are Spencer and Caleb fighting so hard for their love when everyone knows Hanna and Caleb are endgame?! With Season 7A already reaching its midway point, let's take a look back at some of the questions PLL has yet to answer.

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  1. Who killed Charlotte?

    It wasn't Ali. It's inconceivable that the Liars even thought that in the first place. Sure, the Ali that we knew five years ago might have been able to kill her sister -- you know, the Ali that used to hold her breath when she wanted to get her way, which just so happened to be the same Ali that gave Hanna the endearing nickname Hefty Hanna -- but this Ali has gone soft. She fought way too hard to get her sister out of Welby to kill her. That, and she told Aria point-blank that despite meeting Charlotte at the church in the middle of the night, she didn't murder her. So who did? Jenna Marshall has always hated Ali, and what better way to hurt Ali than to kill her sister?

    Then again, we know Jenna was working with Archer, formerly known as Elliot. She's got his burner phone on speed-dial, and as far as we know, Archer didn't want to hurt Charlotte; he loved her. Charlotte had plenty of enemies in Rosewood, including the Liars themselves. While we don't think the show is going to give us the 'Aria killed Charlotte' payoff we've all been waiting for, I do think Charlotte's killer is closer than we realize. Remember, Melissa also had a motive for wanting Charlotte dead.

  2. Was Elliot really A.D.?

    In the preview for next week's episode, it's revealed that Elliot's real name was Archer Dunhill. This means dear Archer had the same initials as Uber A -- A.D. Now, years of watching PLL has conditioned us to disregard the obvious conclusion. While it looks like Elliot a.k.a. Archer might have been A.D., we're not so convinced. Is PLL really going to make it that easy? And if he was A.D., then was he working with Mary Drake? Or did he go rogue? Now, despite our hesitation, let's not forget that Hanna identified the cattle prod that A.D. used to torture her at the Amish farm he frequented with Charlotte. That's a convincing piece of evidence. But we still have a hard time believing that Uber A, the mastermind behind the entire gAme, would be someone introduced in the sixth season of the show. We know Jenna was possibly working with him, but what if there was someone above him calling the shots? Now that's interesting.

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  3. What happened between Toby and Jenna three years ago?

    When Jenna approached Toby outside of the police station, she mentioned that she wanted to try and have a relationship with her family. In response, Toby said that she had already tried that three years ago and that things didn't go so well. What creepy Cavanaugh family secret are they hiding, and does it have anything to do with Archer? Not only does the timing match up -- three years ago, Charlotte and Archer would have been seeing each other -- but it would also explain why she was working with him in the first place.

  4. Are Spencer and Caleb really endgame?

    Ugh. Ughhhh. Caleb likes to run away from his problems. He did that to Hanna in New York, and now he's doing the same to Spencer in Rosewood. It's not a cute look for him. That being said, the relationship between Spencer and Caleb is confusing. She literally asked him if he loved her in last week's episode, and he replied, 'I like you ...' Now he's begging on Spencer's doorstep, telling her how much he loves her. At this point, Caleb doesn't deserve Spencer or Hanna. Speaking of Hanna, it's obvious that she still loves Caleb. She even told him that she never stopped loving him -- and judging from the kiss they shared that night at the Lost Woods Inn, he never stopped loving her either. Just put everyone out of their misery already, Caleb.