Did This Brutal Game Of Thrones Death Foreshadow How Tommen Will Die?

Did This Brutal Game Thrones Death Foreshadow How Tommen Will Die

As fans gear up for Season 6, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones — and stop pretending to be shocked that Jon Snow is alive — one recent fan theory took last week's bloody scene with Ser Robert Strong, a.k.a. The Mountain, and connected it with one of the few characters on the show who still seems to be genuinely good.

Reddit user Matt_Something proposed that The Mountain's actions in that episode foreshadowed King Tommen Baratheon's ( Dean-Charles Chapman ) fate. If this theory holds true, then Tommen's lifespan isn't gonna be much longer than King Joffrey's.


All that guy did to get slammed to death was joke about showing Cersei his junk and had his head slammed against the wall. Matt_Something wonders if the same thing will happen if Tommen finally figures out it was Cersei who's responsible for the current incarceration of his wife, Queen Margaery ( Natalie Dormer ).

Tommen may be a mama's boy, but he deeply loves Margaery and will (probably) hit the roof once he learns his own mother separated him from his love. 'Tommen may snap and lash out at his mother,' Matt_Something wrote, prompting The Mountain to protect 'his 'Queen' against her enemies, cleaving King Tommen in twain.'

We know Tommen will (likely) die before Cersei does, based on the witch Maggy's confession to a young Cersei that all three of her children will predecease her. Joffrey and Myrcella already bit the bullet — or rather, poison — which just leaves Tommen to fulfill Maggy's prophesy. And if Tommen isn't careful, The Mountain might be there to help speed it along.

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