Did You Catch All Of The Frozen References In Zootopia?

Did You Catch All Frozen References Zootopia

Chances are, if you've seen Zootopia -- and you really should see it because it's delightful -- you probably caught some of the Easter Eggs hidden within the colorful streets of Disney's animal metropolis. But unless you've seen it multiple times, you probably didn't catch them all. (Don't worry, it's been called the ' most Easter Egg-packed movie ever made by Disney ' for a reason.)

For example, Zootopia references Disney's smash-hit Frozen several times, most explicitly when when Chief Bogo tells Judy, 'Life isn't a cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so let it go .' There's also Hans's Pastry Shop in Little Rodentia, which is likely a nod to Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. And let's not forget the bootleg movies that Duke sells on the streets of Zootopia, which are obvious riffs on upcoming Disney movies like Mewana ( Moana ), Giraffic ( Gigantic ) and Floatzen 2 ( Frozen 2 ).

Zootopia also features a slimy weasel, voiced by actor Alan Tudyk who also voiced Frozen 's Duke of Weselton -- a man who didn't take kindly to people calling him the Duke of Weasleton .

But the Frozen reference you probably missed was an adorable, blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in Tundra Town. See anything familiar in the picture below?

Walt Disney Pictures

If you look a little closer, you'll see the two little elephants in the bottom left corner are dressed like sisters Elsa and Anna. Aww !

Walt Disney Pictures

It may be a small detail, but it goes a long way towards creating the immersive Disney animation experience we've come to enjoy.