Did You Catch The Big American Horror Story: Hotel Easter Egg On Roanoke?

Did You Catch Big American Horror Story

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One of the many theories floating around the interwebs about American Horror Story: Roanoke is that Episodes 1 through 5 each correspond to a previous season of AHS : Episode 1 is related to Murder House , Episode 2 to Asylum , and so forth. Going by this unconfirmed theory, last night’s episode should be mirroring Hotel in some way.

Besides the obvious connection of Shelby ( Sarah Paulson ), Matt ( Cuba Gooding Jr. ), Lee ( Angela Bassett ), and Flora (Saniyya Sidney) shacking up in a hotel after escaping The Butcher’s House of Colonial Horrors, there was a fun reference to Hotel involving Evan Peters in bed. As Edward Philippe Mott (Peters) slept, he was brutally awakened by his bedspread trying to swallow him, forcing Edward to burst through the covers, ripping them apart through the center.


This is straight out of the first episode of Hotel , when Agnetha (Helena Mattsson) and Vendela (Kamilla Alnes) accidentally released the Mattress Man (Alexander Ward) from his bed prison. Clawing through the center of the bed was exactly what Edward did on Roanoke . Two peas in a monstrous pod — the main difference being Edward wasn’t actually sewn into the material, though he did suffer a horrible death .


Reddit users takemewithyer and KhaleesiofCats1894 also noticed this easter egg. Moreover, other fans pushed the Chapter 5 and Hotel comparisons even further.

  • Both involved cannibalism . FX

    The Polk family cut up poor Dr. Elias Cunningham ( Denis O’Hare ) and ate parts of him, while Hotel featured real-life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer , who was a cannibal. Also, the vampires from Hotel could be seen as cannibals, since they munched on both humans and other vampires.

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  • James March and Edward Philippe Mott are cut from the same cloth. Prashant Gupta/FX

    Reddit users epicpillowcase and Sebz15 point out how both James and Edward were ghosts who built huge housing properties with secret passages, and forced the servants to help carry out their dirty work. The guys were from an earlier time period and were psychopaths. Things didn’t end up too well for James, so Edward really better watch his back.