Did You Spot The Dad From 'Even Stevens' On These 12 TV Shows?

Did You Spot Dad Fromeven Stevenson These 12 Tv Shows

This past week's Nov. 4 episode of ' American Horror Story ' had an interesting connection to the Disney Channel. Did you notice Principal Johnson, the poor guy who gets mauled by a horde of vampire children, was the same actor who played dad Steve Stevens on ' Even Stevens '?!

Actually, this isn't the first time actor Tom Virtue appeared on 'AHS.' He was briefly in an episode of 'AHS: Asylum' as a news reporter.


So, in honor of our favorite OG Disney Channel dad, we rounded up 11 appearances he made on some of your favorite TV shows. FYI, he was on a TON more, but we had to narrow it down somehow!

  1. ' Drake & Josh ' Disney

    Virtue guest-starred on 'D&J' in two different episodes as Mr. Roland, the teacher who wouldn't give Josh a freakin' break when he was late to his exam.

  2. ' That's So Raven ' Disney

    Swapping Disney shows, Virtue playing Dr. Horn, a dentist who discovered Raven's first cavity.

  3. ' The Secret Life Of The American Teenager ' ABC Family

    Virtue was a recurring character on the teenage soap opera, playing Reverend Sam Stone, Jack's step-father.

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  4. ' Freaks And Geeks ' NBC

    Guest-starring on two episodes of the short-lived show, Virtue was teacher Mr. Sampson, the guy who told Lindsay, 'It's a test, not a race.'

  5. ' Sabrina The Teenage Witch ' CBS Television Distribution

    Sabrina ditched her own family on Christmas to hang out with Morgan and her family because she thought it'd be a picture-perfect holiday. Yeah, not quite. Virtue played Morgan's dad.

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  6. ' Malcolm In The Middle ' Fox

    Joining the infamous dysfunctional family not once, but twice, Virtue played two different roles on the hit Fox show. He was a priest (pictured above) in an early episode, and Peter Dietrich in a later episode. Dietrich was the guy who froze Lois' 'father' Victor's pension because of the family dispute.

  7. ' Arrested Development ' Fox / Netflix

    Hanging out with Michael Bluth, Virtue played a car salesman who ended up selling Bluth a fancy schmancy sports car.

  8. ' Criminal Minds ' CBS

    On a totally not kid-friendly show, Virtue's character Gil Clurman was a bombing victim in an early episode.

  9. ' The X-Files ' Fox

    Virtue played annoyed homeowner Dave Kline, who was murdered along with his wife by a ~mysterious~ creature. Womp womp.

  10. ' How I Met Your Mother ' CBS

    On the classic ' The Wedding Bride ' episode, Virtue portrayed the minister who performed the wedding for Stella and her (not-Ted) husband.

  11. ' Firefly ' Fox

    Instead of the usually happy-go-lucky characters, Virtue did a 180 and played a pompous doctor on the sci-fi Western. Seriously, the dude was a straight-up jerk.

  12. ' Victorious ' Nickelodeon

    Virtue played Joey Ferguson, the owner of a karaoke club who rigged the singing contest because one of the winners was his daughter. #Rude

Now you feel ashamed you missed him, don't you?