Did 'Bloodlines' Leave Cara Maria And Abram's Relationship DOA -- Or Strengthen Their Bond?

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After eight Challenge tries, Cara Maria finally earned a champion title on Wednesday night’s Bloodlines finale, but she had reason to believe she might have also lost her back-and-forth boyfriend Abram in the process.

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Before Abram’s late arrival to the game (and while still officially Abram’s girlfriend), Cara Maria flirted with fellow competitor Thomas under the guise that the act was a method of political strategy. On a subsequent Challenge Aftershow, though, Cara admitted that she and Thomas kissed a lot -- and confessed that she told her cousin Jamie that she didn’t want to be in a relationship with Abram anymore.

Naturally, Abram didn’t take too kindly to this (let the collection of physical threats he volleyed to Thomas serve as evidence), but on Wednesday’s official Bloodlines reunion, he somewhat surprisingly offered Cara compassion.


In the clip above, Cara walks across the show’s stage to publicly apologize to Abram for her behavior – something she says she hadn’t yet done – and manages to draw his understanding.

For me, Cara was my family, Abram says. I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do to protect and provide for the happiness and prosperity of my family.

Still, Abram’s confused about why Cara claimed she didn’t want Abram around on Bloodlines. He says just before she left the couple’s shared home to travel to the game, she left a note on a message board that said she wished Abram could have joined her.

Ultimately, Cara explains she didn’t necessarily want to leave Abram behind; she just wanted the rare opportunity to stand on her own two feet.

I’ve done this for how many seasons, and it’s always about Abram, and this season…it wasn’t about Tom, it wasn’t about anybody, it was about me and you, and I feel like, I’m sorry, she says.

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Abram concludes that no matter where he and Cara currently stand, he’ll always be there for her if she needs him. So do you think that means these two are done for, or will they emerge from the rough patch even stronger?

Watch the clip above, and share your reaction to Cara Maria and Abram’s tumultuous Bloodlines journey.