The Difference Between Using Photoshop And Being An Outright Catfish

Difference Between Using Photoshop

Altering photographs and adding a filter to an image is common practice in this day and age. But Savenia believed that using Photoshop (on her own photographs) to make herself 'look like a supermodel' constituted being a Catfish .

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Before explaining the context of the difference between creating a fictional online persona with photos of another person vs. enhancing photos of yourself, here's a condensed explanation of tonight's brand-new episode. Savenia first contacted Nev and Max several months ago, confessing that she was 'not the person he thinks I am.' That 'he' turned out to be Dylan, who contacted the digital detectives separately about his digital pen pal of five years. Imagine the shock of the trio when Savenia was actually the girl in the photos -- based on her own words pre-meeting.

'I posted a lot of photos of me looking really good, like Photoshopped -- and I'm not like that. As you can see, I don't look like that,' Savenia confessed as she and Dylan shared a tearful and affectionate embrace. But Dylan believed otherwise and stated that she was 'beautiful.'

But there was still more to the story on Savenia's side -- and why she believed she was deceiving Dylan.

'I was really scared to meet you because I'm a giant. I'm really self-conscious. I feel like I was catfishing him, my boobs were Photoshopped, my butt's Photoshopped. My face looks flawless. I don't look human -- I look like a supermodel. I'm really lanky and dorky and awkward, and I just didn't want him to see that side of me.'

Max was quick to put the situation into perspective -- and how the digital landscape has changed through the years when it comes to sharing pics.

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'I kind of think we've hit the point in social media culture where we just kind of expect that [in] those photos you're going to look a little different in real life,' he thoughtfully stated.

Nev echoed his co-host's sentiments and added that Savenia didn't look 'that different,' and if he saw her vs. the Photoshopped photos, he would absolutely recognize her.

While Dylan and Savenia would up as boyfriend and girlfriend (!!!) and revealed during the three-month catchup that they were now living in Virginia together, her views about her past behavior provided a teaching Catfish moment. Using the graphics editor with your own photographs and poaching someone else's snapshots as your own are not the same, even if the former isn't a completely accurate portrayal of yourself. And while Savenia may have once believed she was conning Dylan, she doesn't come remotely close to former MTV frauds.

Do you change your photographs on your social media platforms -- and can you identify with Savenia? Share your stories in the comments.