Disney And 'Looney Tunes' Characters Reimagined As Aging Movie Stars Is Almost Too Real

Disney Andlooney Tunescharacters Reimagined

The ' Looney Tunes ' and Disney gangs are both over 60 years old and still going strong! But what if they actually looked like they were in their late 60s to late 80s? Artist Andrew Tarusov reimagined what these classic cartoons would be like as old movie stars. He claims that 'Each of them had a long and complicated life.' We definitely agree with Tarusov, judging by these illustrations.

  • Bugs and Lola Bunny https://instagram.com/p/7OF1eyl4hD/

    The power couple straight outta ' Space Jam ' seemed to age pretty well. In fact, these two appear to be in better shape than most of their fellow 'Looney Tunes' cohorts.

  • Tweety and Sylvester https://instagram.com/p/7Yx6arl4sq/

    Sylvester looks like he took up drinking after repeated attempts to catch that blasted bird. Now he's an alcoholic and imagines seeing Tweety wherever he goes.

  • Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote https://instagram.com/p/7TYedZl4ul/

    After running every which way for decades, Road Runner ran himself out. Now, he needs a wheelchair to get around. Amazingly, Wile E. Coyote survived all of his crazy ACME accidents and appears to have grown into a dapper old man.

  • Daffy Duck https://instagram.com/p/7l1ZEOF4pI/

    Daffy turned into the stereotypical grumpy old man next door. He yells at children (or just at the world in general) and constantly thinks some artist is controlling his every move, making him not 'quite feel like' himself .

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  • Porky Pig https://www.facebook.com/tarrusov/photos/a.1461689187437902.1073741836.1446507372289417/1610644819209004/

    After Petunia's untimely death, widower Porky didn't want to get that close to anyone ever again. So he turned to pimpin' and was a frequent visitor at strip clubs. 'That's all folks,' indeed.

  • Tom and Jerry https://instagram.com/p/7i4W1fl4in/

    Even though the famous cat and mouse duo aren't part of the 'Looney Tunes' bunch, they're still considered classic cartoons. Their years of chasing one another finally caught up with them and their joints. Both need assistance to move around, and Tom constantly needs fluids IV'd into his body.

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse https://instagram.com/p/7RKByxF4t-/

    America's favorite couple have seen better days. Mickey let all the fame and fortune go to his head, so much so that he turned into a major sleaze ball. He wanted to trade Minnie in for a younger model, but she wasn't gonna have that. Instead, Minnie underwent plastic surgery, including getting a breast augmentation. Mickey appears to still be unsatisfied.

  • Donald Duck https://instagram.com/p/7gAr4yl4vx/

    After Daisy divorced him for his excessive gambling addiction, Donald truly hit rock bottom. He got into a fight and lost his left eye, took up smoking and still gambles whenever he's able to scrounge up some cash.

  • Daisy Duck https://www.facebook.com/tarrusov/photos/a.1461689187437902.1073741836.1446507372289417/1610644825875670

    Once she left Donald, Daisy's only true struggle has been walking without needing assistance. Despite that, she's perfectly happy, playing Bingo with the girls every Tuesday and Thursday at the Rec Center.

  • Goofy https://instagram.com/p/7dmToWF4uO/

    But perhaps the saddest story is Goofy's. After spending years wondering who he was — Was he a dog? Was he something else? — Goofy fell into the wrong crowd and became hooked on drugs and alcohol. He's now homeless, offering favors for money to people who pass him on the street.

So as you can see, it's vital these classic cartoons stay just the 'age' they are. Otherwise, their lives become a metaphor for this GIF.

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You can follow more of Andrew Tarusov's work on Instagram and Facebook .