Disney Characters As 'Walking Dead' Zombies Will Make Your Childhood Cry

Disney Characters Aswalking Deadzombies Will Make Your Childhood Cry

Disney Television Animation is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in November, so the studio did what everybody does when they hit the big 3-0: turn their most beloved creations into horrifying dead creatures.

Basically, some of the TVA's best and brightest artists (and executives) showed off their deadest work for 'Re-Animated: The Zombie Art Show' last Tuesday (October 21), turning Mickey, Ariel, and more into creations much more 'Walking Dead' than Disney. Here are some of our favorites, but be warned: they eat brains!

Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid'

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Disney/Adam Dix

Someday she'll eat... part of your brains!

Scrooge McDuck


The zombies found him hiding in a pile of money. RIP.

lil yachty na escola

Donald, Mickey, and Goofy


Glenn, Rick, and Daryl, basically.

Donald Duck


Anyone want some some pan-roasted [tainted] duck meat ?

quanto tempo dura um álbum

Kim Possible


Call me/beep me/if you wanna reach me/it's okay I'LL JUST EAT YOUR EFFING FACE OFF.