Disney Revived Christina Aguilera's 'Genie In A Bottle' For The New Generation

Disney Revived Christina Aguileras Genie Bottlefor New Generation

Disney Channel star Christina Aguilera 's 1999 hit ' Genie In A Bottle ' and it. is. lit. ✨

Not only does the revived cover satisfy our love of reliving the '90s, it also introduces a whole new generation to the iconic pop track.


Dove is known for her roles on Disney Channel's series Liv and Maddie and original movie ' Descendants ' and sings in a duo called The Girl and the Dreamcatcher with her super cute beau, and Rocky Horror Picture Show TV reboot star, Ryan McCartan .

The blonde -- who rocks a purple wig in the video as her 'Descendants' character Mal -- has powerhouse vocals , just like Christina, making her the perfect starlet to carry on the tune.

'So honored to sing this song, @xtina has been one of my absolute idols since I was little,' Dove gushed on Instagram .

The new Disney version has some minor lyric changes to make it fam friendly, of course:

1. Original: 'You're lickin' your lips / And blowing kisses my way / But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away'

New: 'You're making a rainbow / Blowing kisses my way / But that don't mean / I'm going to hear what you say'

2. Original: 'Hormones racing at the speed of light / But that don't mean it's gotta be tonight'

New: 'My mind is racing at the speed of light / let's go and have a little fun tonight'