Do Finder's Keepers Rules Apply To Scott and Stiles On 'Teen Wolf'?

Do Finders Keepers Rules Apply Scott

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Generally speaking, stumbling upon hundreds of thousands of dollars -- and maybe even millions -- would be a dream come true. But for Scott McCall , it's a reminder of all those who have already been lost at the hands of The Benefactor.

On tonight's ' Teen Wolf ' episode, after Violet was arrested for trying to kill Scott and Liam 's old teammate Brett, police started to look for clues that would connect Violet and her boyfriend Garrett to the recent string of murders in Beacon Hills. Scott made it to Garrett's locker before the authorities, though, and inside was a gym bag exploding with Rockefeller stacks of cash.

Shocked by the riches, Scott kept his findings from Liam and took them home. But after The Benefactor's payout started collecting dust under his bed, he finally spilled the beans to Stiles , and the best friends began to count the heaving pile bill-by-bill.

Scott seemed tempted to help his mother -- who's behind on certain payments -- by lending her some of his new fortune. But considering the money was presumably stolen from the Hale family's vault , does Scott have an obligation to return it to Peter? On the other hand, if he keeps it a little while longer, could it somehow help him uncover the identity of The Benefactor? Tell us what you think Scott's next move should be in the comments below!