'Do Girls Poop?' And Other Ridiculous Questions Guys Are Asking On Lulu

Do Girls Poop Other Ridiculous Questions Guys Are Asking Lulu

For some girls, the dating app rate former dates or guy friends with a series of pre-chosen hashtags -- and give the men in their lives a public thumbs up or down.

Recently, though, Lulu decided that it no longer wants guys to be terrified of it , and let them ask questions to the female community at large. We'd like to say we're surprised by some of these real-life inquiries, but those of us who've been around the block a few times know better...

Let's see, we're obsessed with eating vegetables, drinking probiotics, and exercising...so...no, of course not. We don't even have butts, just little clouds of sunshine and unicorn sneezes.

We get your boners (if it's that kind of morning), which pair well with the morning breath that both of us are rocking.

No need to tell her. She knows. She knows so well that she's spent countless hours googling lasers and other monumentally expensive/painful means of appearing effortlessly beautiful.

Yup. This may come as a shocker, but like many humans, we actually prefer to be treated respectfully. This is not, however, a reason to be timid in the bedroom. Part of being nice is making a girl feel desired.

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Not just 'nay' but 'hell nay.'

How many times can you face the reality that she's probably faking a few of them before it's too much?

Ask her on a date, get to know her as a person, and then, once you guys have both agreed that you're attracted to each other and want to hook up, tell her that she has a great ass. (But NEVER say this ' on the streets !)

Ah, man. We thought we already were friends. Unless you know something we don't about good manners being correlated with lower pay in the workplace?

Men that uses improper grammar followed to create double standards for women is 100% #Attractive! Hahaha j/k. Best of luck finding the 12 oz. drinking girl of your dreams though!

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