Do You Know Your 'Totally Spies' From Your 'Powerpuff Girls?’

Do You Know Yourtotally Spiesfrom Yourpowerpuff Girls

If you were a young girl watching cartoons in the early 2000s, then two TV shows in particular definitely captured your imagination. One was about a team of three girls who kicked butt and fought crime. The other was... about a team of three girls who kicked butt and fought crime.

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I'm talking, of course, about ' The Powerpuff Girls ' and ' Totally Spies ,' two shows that had a LOT in common with one another. Sure, the Powerpuff girls were little kids created from a chemical formula that gave them superpowers, and the crew from 'Totally Spies' were high school students who worked undercover as secret agents, but both had the same core structure: a smart redhead, a bubbly blond, and a tomboyish brunette who all joined forces with matching color-coordinated outfits to save the world.

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Clearly the resemblance is striking -- but were you a big enough fan of both shows that you'd be able to tell them apart? We'll give you a quote, and you try to match it to the cartoon you think it's from, either 'Powerpuff Girls' or 'Totally Spies.'

Warning, it's tougher than you'd expect!