'Doctor Who': Every Companion Outfit, Ranked

Doctor Who Every Companion Outfit

Throughout the past 50-ish years, the Doctor has traveled with Companions that are kind, brave, clever, strong, impossible, funny, and really good at waiting. But while I jetted through my annual ' Doctor Who ' rewatch to prep for series nine, something hit me that I'd never really noticed before: in between Donna ( Catherine Tate ) and Amy ( Karen Gillan ), the 'Who' costume department really upped their dang game when it came to the females of the TARDIS. And by the time Clara ( Jenna Coleman ) arrived on the scene, each and every episode became a must-watch not just for the time and space adventure, but for the envy-inducing Companion clothing.

Why did this sudden fashion-forward shift happen? Who on 'Who' has rocked the best looks, and did Rose Tyler ( Billie Piper ) and Martha Jones ( Freema Agyeman ) -- two women who were on the show way before it decided to switch from Forever 21 to Top Shop -- get stuck with the worst outfits in 'Who' Companion history? To sort this all out, I re-re-re-visited every episode of Nu-'Who,' ranking each and every main Companion outfit (sorry Kylie Minogue -- one-offs don't count) from 'fit for a Madame du Pompadour' to 'fit for an Abzorbaloff.'


  1. Rose, 'Tooth and Claw' BBC

    Rose Tyler, YOU ARE AN ADULT. I mean, I totally respect your decision to look adorable, but going full-on elementary school was maybe not the best decision at this time in your life.

  2. Donna, 'Partners in Crime' BBC

    We know the point of 'Partners' was that Donna was a sad, lowly corporate schlub in need of adventure, but man, did you have to put her in that pants suit? It didn't flatter her at all, which is a shame, because Donna is incredible.

  3. Amy, 'Amy's Choice' BBC

    Amy, come on -- you're Amy. You can find a better dream-maternity outfit than this.

  4. Donna, 'The Fires of Pompeii' Look 1 BBC

    We're surprised Capaldi agreed to come back to the show after working with that patterned tunic. The color scheme is eye-catching in all the wrong ('80s arcade) ways, though we do admire Donna for picking a look and going for it.

  5. Martha, 'Human Nature'/'The Family of Blood' BBC

    This one's technically a cheat -- Martha looked adorable in her maid's outfit. It was the racism she had to deal with it while wearing it that was a bummer.

  6. Martha, '42' BBC

    This is also maybe a cheat, because we barely got a good look at the outfit throughout the entire episode. Still, from what we did see, it wasn't anything to write home about. Cute, but inoffensive.

  7. Rose, 'School Reunion' BBC


  8. Donna, 'Turn Left' Look 1 BBC

    Donna rocked a number of less-than-her-best looks in 'Turn Left' -- to let us know how dreary her life would have been without the Doctor, basically -- but her refugee attire was undoubtedly the most dire. Brown on grey isn't the most popping look.

  9. Donna, 'The Doctor's Daughter' BBC

    Kind of hard to see in the photo, but trust me that this is the second most unfortunate Donna tunic on this list. Those buttons served no purpose, and it would have worked a lot better without pants.

  10. Donna, 'Turn Left' Look 2 BBC

    Could have been cute without the belt, which was situated at a weird angle for Donna's waist line.

  11. Amy, 'A Good Man Goes to War' BBC

    Amy's space hospital attire is better tailored than some of Rose and Donna's regular attire. Curse you, 'Doctor Who' series 1-4 and your apparent lack of clothing budget.

  12. Old Amy, 'The Girl Who Waited' BBC

    I mean, to her credit, she did what she could in those circumstances. It was just a little bit too much much, when it came to the makeshift battle armor.

  13. Rose, 'Fear Her' BBC

    Bumblebee colors don't quite work on Rose as well as her token, beautiful blues. Also, this was a god-awful episode, so I was bound to be less-than-pleased with the clothing.

  14. Rose, 'Dalek' BBC

    Your sneakers are drowning in those jeans, Rose.

  15. Donna, 'The Sontaran Stratagem'/'The Poison Sky' BBC

    This look is calling attention to the hip area for all the wrong reasons. With a trimmer pant, the shirt and jacket combo would have looked great!

  16. Rose, 'The Christmas Invasion' BBC

    Of all of Rose's zip-up hoodie and jeans looks, this one was the most middle school-esque. At least her smile looks fantastic? You're never fully dressed without one?

  17. Rose, 'School Reunion' Look 2 BBC

    Eh, the patches are OK.

  18. Clara, 'Last Christmas' BBC

    Oh hey, Clara Oswald, welcome to the list! We won't see you this close to the bottom very often, because you come from the current era of 'Who,' when the Companions all dress really nice and have an actual clothing budget. The only reason you're this low is because it's a literal nightgown with a robe -- but honestly, it's still a whole lot cuter than many things I currently have in my closet. Not appropriate for an adventure with the Doctor, though.

  19. Amy, 'The Beast Within' BBC

    Amy's striped robe and vintage nightgown slightly edges out Clara's sleep look. Sorry, Clare-bear.

  20. Martha, 'Blink' BBC

    What is this?! Why do you have a bow?! Why did you spend this whole episode trapped in a TV, so we didn't get to admire your look until the final seconds?!

  21. Rose, 'Army of Ghosts'/'Doomsday' BBC

    I know I said I love Rose in blue -- but not fuzzy, baby blue. This was just a little too Spice Girls for 2005.

  22. Amy, 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe' BBC

    This sweater was pretty cute. Too bad we only got to see it for like, five seconds, and didn't get a look at the rest of the outfit.

  23. Clara, 'In the Forest of the Night' BBC

    If Clara was going to wear something boring, at least it was for 'In the Forest of the Night.'

  24. Rose, 'Boomtown' BBC

    Erm, I know this is an iconic outfit, but double denim + god-awful rainbow mid-2000s scarf = not doing it for me. At least her boots are great!

  25. Rose, 'Love and Monsters' BBC

    Rose actually looks pretty cute in a jean jacket.

  26. Martha, 'Smith and Jones' Look 1 BBC

    Being a doctor is way hot. But lab coats are also waaay boring. Maybe that's why she looks like her dog died?

  27. Rose, 'Bad Wolf'/'The Parting of the Ways' BBC

    Ehhhh. This was fine, though I could have used a pattern mixed in with all of the monochrome.

  28. Rose, 'Aliens of London'/'World War Three' BBC

    Sorry, Rose. I hate feeling like I'm picking on you -- you were my favorite! But gosh, couldn't you have found something better than jeans and a T-shirt to save London in?

  29. Donna, 'The Fires of Pompeii' BBC

    Of all the retro looks 'Who' Companions of rocked, this 'Pompeii' attire is easily the least inspired, and least flattering for the Companion wearing it. I get that Donna loves purple, but that waistline was just not the way.

  30. Clara, 'Hide' BBC

    Don't hide this dress under the coat, Clara -- it's one of our fave Clara plus patterned dress plus tights plus jacket plus boots looks!

  31. Rose, 'Father's Day' BBC

    Aww, classic Rose. The look isn't exactly high-fashion, but she looks like a cool, blue collar London gal, which is one of the many things we miss about Rose.

  32. Clara, 'Cold War' BBC

    Mad at Clara's coat for hiding what I'm sure was a phenomenal outfit. Still, it was a pretty cute coat.

  33. Donna, 'Planet of the Ood' BBC

    Same as above.

  34. Clara, 'The Caretaker' BBC

    Does Clara look so frowny because the Doctor crashed her school, or because she's wearing one of her less memorable looks? (That being said, I would still wear this, tbh.)

  35. Amy, 'Let's Kill Hitler' BBC

    Let's kill the mustard tights.

  36. Clara, 'Dark Water'/'Death In Heaven' BBC

    Danny Pink would not come back from the dead for this look.

  37. Amy, 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' BBC

    Much like 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,' this outfit is forgettable -- which is strange, because wasn't this after Amy made all of that modeling money?

  38. Rose, 'Rise of the Cybermen'/'The Age of Steel' BBC

    Sure, why not put Rose in a Halloween costume? At least she looked super adorable.

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  39. Rose, 'Rose'/'The End of the World' BBC

    Not the most inspired look -- and one she repeated often -- but still, Rose's simple 'Rose'/'End of the World' garb was what she wore when we first met her, AKA, when we first fell in love with her. There's nothing wrong with it -- or most of her attire, actually -- it's just very plain and inarguably lower budget when compared to later companions.

  40. Clara, 'The Bells of St. John' BBC

    Love the army jacket. Like the dress. Don't love the two of them together, especially compared with some of Clara's other dress-and-jacket combos.

  41. Rose, 'Day of the Doctor' BBC

    Seeing Rose in this decidedly un-Rose-like attire was jarring, but still -- an excellent look to cosplay.

  42. Clara, 'Flatline' BBC

    A fine outfit. The jacket is great. There's nothing bad about it, per se, it's just a little bit more Amy than Clara, who usually goes for a very feminine aesthetic.

  43. Amy, 'The Pandorica Opens'/'The Big Bang' BBC

    A well put-together look -- if not one to wait 2,000 years for.

  44. Clara, 'Kill the Moon' BBC

    This dress is cute... it doesn't exactly scream 'fun,' but it works for a school day. Or a killing the moon day.

  45. Amy, 'The God Complex' BBC

    Not a bad look by any means, but a little bland color-wise, for our girl Amy. We like her in bold reds!

  46. Rose, 'New Earth' BBC

    Good on Rose for realizing early on that she looks fantastic in blue. This look isn't exactly in style right now, but you've got to give the girl props for the (admittedly few) episodes in which she moved away from the hoodies.

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  47. Clara, 'The Snowmen' Look 2 BBC

    Not as exciting as some of her other Victorian looks -- could use a pop of color -- but still, it's a beautiful dress.

  48. Clara, 'Nightmare in Silver' BBC

    A fantastic, fall-to-winter ensemble, if a little bit 'Hunger Games.'

  49. Amy, 'The Girl Who Waited' Look 1 BBC

    The color combo is not really doing it for me, but love the tailoring of the jacket.

  50. Donna, 'Silence in the Library' BBC

    Purple works in small quantities! Donna looked cute and fun throughout her torturous romp through the library.

  51. Clara, 'Deep Breath' BBC


  52. Amy, 'Night Terrors' BBC America

    Too many cool colors for Ms. Pond, who works best when she's the girl on fire. Still, it's a well-tailored and fun look.

  53. Rose, 'The Girl in the Fireplace' BBC

    Rose looks great with tousled hair and a T-shirt, and love the wash of those jeans!

  54. Clara, 'The Rings of Akhaten' BBC

    A cute-yet-practical look. Oh Clara, with your impeccable patterned dress and jacket game, you...

  55. Clara, 'Journey to the Center of the TARDIS' BBC

    Babydoll dresses don't work on everyone, but this looks amazing on tiny Coleman.

  56. Rose, 'Rise of the Cybermen' BBC

    Oh, wow! See, you can wear a jacket that's not a zip-up hoodie and still live, Rose. This red looks amazing on her!

  57. Clara, 'Time Heist' BBC

    Donna, take note -- this is how power suits are done. (With actual tailoring.) To be quite honest, I've never figured out how Clara affords these clothes on a teacher's salary...

  58. Clara, 'The Name of the Doctor' BBC

    Everyone wanted a green plaid mini-dress after this episode. The look is classic and adorable, though we could have used a BIT more with the shoes.

  59. Amy, 'Asylum of the Daleks' BBC

    Too bad Oswin had to show up to steal Amy's fashion thunder in this, because that jacket/jeans/boots combo was a pretty great look from Amy's (thankfully brief) modeling days.

  60. Donna, 'The Unicorn and the Wasp' BBC

    'Who' companions really do excel in retro attire, and Donna's roaring 20's bronze number is no exception.

  61. Rose, 'The Unquiet Dead' BBC

    Aw, Rose looked so cute for her first retro adventure! Good on you, Rose.

  62. Clara, 'Robots of Sherwood' BBC

    The long, drapey dresses of this period aren't my favorite look, but naturally, Clara makes it work. The girl always looks good in red -- watch your back, Pond. (Just kidding, you're dead!)

  63. Clara, 'Listen' BBC

    Listen to me, Clara -- your date attire is classy, sexy, and stylish.

  64. Clara, 'The Caretaker' Look 2 BBC

    Whether she's back in time, way in the future, or at Coal Hill school, Clara always has the perfect look. Sigh. The clipped collar on this blouse is impeccable.

  65. Clara, 'The Crimson Horror' BBC

    Victorian Clara is a good Clara -- the show clearly knows this, which is why they keep sending her back there.

  66. Amy, 'The Angels Take Manhattan'

    If you've gotta go out, be sure to do it in style. Amy sure did, with a trendy army jacket, classic stripes, and form-fitting jeans. Yes, I love seeing her in brighter colors, but Amy's look color schemes toned down a bit when she got a little older, and that's fine! What matters is she still knew how to look cool and flatter her figure.

  67. Rose, 'The Long Game' BBC

    One of the better/more fun jackets Rose wore on this side of the universe. Look how cute she looks!!

  68. Amy, 'The Time of Angels'/'Flesh and Stone' BBC

    Somehow, Amy makes a Clifford-red, oversized sweater paired with a plain black skirt look like high fashion.

  69. Clara, 'Mummy on the Orient Express' BBC

    Clara, SLAY. This is similar to Donna's '20s dress, but the cut is just much more flattering.

  70. Martha, 'Utopia'/'The Sound of Drums'/'The Last Time Lord' BBC

    Martha's army look was the perfect cut for her, and we're glad she made the very wise decision to let the jacket speak for itself with simple, form-fitting black pants.

  71. Amy, 'The Hungry Earth'/'Cold Blood' BBC

    Amy's Rio outfit that never was was peak Amy. From the matching boots and jacket to the itty-bitty skirt, the girl just knew how to dress for her body type. What can you say? She's hot!

  72. Rose, Doomsday Look 2 BBC

    Rose moving to a different universe was horrible for 'Who' fans, but great for her wardrobe, in that she quickly seemed to shed those 'meh' zip-up hoodies for figure-flattering and stylish leather jackets. (Having a 'new' rich dad probably helped.)

  73. Martha, 'The Lazarus Experiment' BBC

    Martha in formal wear? Yes, please.

  74. Martha, Season 4 BBC

    Martha's UNIT outfit? Also yes, please. And that hair!!

  75. Amy, 'The Curse of the Black Spot'/'The Doctor's Wife' BBC

    Red plus plaid plus short skirt plus cute jacket? It's all of the best parts of Amy, in one look! (Too bad I can't be nearly as enthusiastic about this episode.)

  76. Clara, 'Into the Dalek' BBC

    That shirt has eyes, and a great color that really pops. A+, Clara.

  77. Amy, 'A Town Called Mercy' BBC

    Have mercy -- usually it's Clara who rocks the short, patterned dresses, but man oh man did Amy make it work with this very fun and trendy pineapple look.

  78. Rose, 'The Idiot's Lantern' BBC

    Oh, don't you just want to pinch her cheeks in this? The matching hair bow, shoes, and dress plus the extra-wide smile makes this one a winner.

  79. Clara, 'The Snowmen' BBC

    Victorian Clara is one of our favorite Claras. Her barmaid costume boasts a fantastic waistline and stunning colors, though we do feel bad for Coleman, having to wear that dang corset.

  80. Amy, 'The Impossible Astronaut'/'Day of the Moon' BBC

    Is this look a little ~ basic ~ ? Sure, but so is the term basic, and Amy is the queen of rocking A, plaid, and B, the color red. Add the functionally fashionable boots and perfectly cropped pants, and you've got a winner of an outfit, especially for running around in the South Western desert.

  81. Donna 'The Stolen Earth'/'Journey's End' BBC

    That a girl, Donna! For her final looks on 'Who,' the show finally got rid of the purple-on-purple-on-purple aesthetic (what are we, 'Breaking Bad?') and gave Donna a great, stylish, and flattering look. The belt, shoes and jacket look great together, and the cinch is oh-so-flattering for her waistline. If only she could wear it to the office!

  82. Clara, 'Day of the Doctor' BBC

    What Amy is to short skirts, plaid, and red, Clara is to patterned dresses, bomber jackets, and cool boots. This is easily my favorite example of the everyday Clara aesthetic -- and as a bonus, it's something we could all wear in the day-to-day without any hassle.

  83. Rose, 'The Empty Child'/'The Doctor Dances' BBC

    What? It's iconic!

  84. Clara, 'The Time of the Doctor' BBC

    Simple, classic, undeniably Christmas-y, and fantastic . This is a woman who knows how to layer.

  85. Martha, 'Smith and Jones,' 'The Shakespeare Code,' 'Gridlock,' 'Daleks in Manhattan,' and 'Evolution of the Daleks' BBC

    Martha wore the same outfit throughout much of her time on 'Who,' so thank gosh it was a winner. The gorgeous, form-fitting jacket and bootcut jeans look really fit the upscale-yet-practical character. Basically, it was the best version of an attainable day-to-day look for Doctor M.

  86. Captain Jack Harkness, Series 1-4 BBC America

    OK, OK -- I thought I was going to leave the non-main Companions out of this, but it's Captain Jack Harkness! The probable Face of Boe! The dude knew his look, and he stuck with it. That jacket will live on in Whovian infamy, for good reason. He looks dashing.

  87. Donna, 'The Runaway Bride' BBC

    Only the brilliant Donna Noble would enter the TARDIS wearing a damn wedding dress. Truly a look for the ages.

  88. Amy, 'The Eleventh Hour' BBC

    How can you forget adult Amy's first look? It certainly gets Rory all hot and bothered... and bonus points for the Doctor actually thinking she was a cop.

  89. Rose, Series 4 BBC

    When Rose left our universe, Rose got a much better wardrobe. The blue leather jacket and giant gun look is easily the most cosplayed Rose look of all, and it's easy to see why -- she looks like a funky-hot badass, wearing attire that is equal parts eye-catching and totally functional for kicking bad guy butt. Too bad we didn't see more of this in series 1-2.

  90. Oswin, 'Asylum of the Daleks' BBC

    Oh, Oswin. It's hard to remember a one-off (ish?) character who has instantly captured the hearts and minds of Whovians in recent years as quickly as the soufflé girl. Her breathtaking, va-va-voom red dress -- with matching red high tops! -- certainly helped in making Oswin stand out, though when it comes to Coleman, the clothes do not make the girl. They just, you know, really help sometimes.