Doja Cat Pelts People With Eggs And Milkshakes In ‘Bottom Bitch’ Video

Doja Cat Pelts People With Eggs

o que comer quando você tem uma afta

When Doja Cat links up with her friends, chaos ensues. In the video for her new single 'Bottom Bitch,' the singer and her merry band of bad skateboarders wreak havoc on a town and its inhabitants. It's good and innocent (well, not really) kiddie fun that does come at the expense of a few others. But it's a hilarious look at friendship and how that when you're with your friends, nothing matters except the fact that everyone's having fun.

One of the first things that you'll notice about 'Bottom Bitch' is that there's a lot of bad food in it. There's cheese puffs, ice cream cones, and all other kinds of comfort food consumed by Doja Cat and her friends as they skate around town, looking for trouble to get into. It could be that the feeling of consuming these morsels is akin to how happy her friends make her, whether they're tossing milkshakes at cops minding their business or pelting cars with eggs at stoplights. Doja Cat and her friends are the kind of badasses that make life better on rainy days because they each have each other. Rico Nasty makes a cameo at the end when the group of girls throw a massive party at a skate park where everyone comes out to enjoy the festivities and just relish each other's company.

Doja Cat's debut studio album Amala came out in 2018. In August, she released the sexy – and healthy – video for ' Juicy ' with Tyga .

Check out Doja Cat and her friends cause mischief in 'Bottom Bitch' up above.