Domino's Pizza Tracker Vs. Pizza Hut App: Which Won My Super Bowl Party?

Dominos Pizza Tracker Vs

Rather than choose between rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks, I opted to treat my Super Bowl party to a different kind of matchup. Being a diehard fan of the Domino’s Pizza Tracker since it was introduced in 2008, and yet curious about Pizza Hut’s competing app, this was a rivalry I could not help but feel enthusiastic about.

Two simultaneous orders for two medium pan pizzas were placed at kickoff. The scoring would be simple -- it's really only a one-touchdown kind of game.

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Domino’s Pizza Tracker has been around for longer, but what Pizza Hut lacks in veteran status it makes up for in insane options for topping your pie . Bacon and cheese stuffed pretzel crust with honey sriracha drizzle?! As far as a pizza-lover like me is concerned, that’s basically a performance-enhancing drug.

But since all those toppings might take longer to prepare, I resisted the urge to corrupt this competition -- and so I kept both orders basic: cheese and pepperoni.

Domino's was quick to take the lead, having the option to link the tracker to a smart TV and avoid all of the emotional commercials this year. It's good! Three points for Domino's.

Pizza Hut's innovations are not limited to awesome crusts either. While it's currently being developed only in the UK, Pizza Hut is working on one of the first ever ' subliminal menus .' Using Tobii eye-tracking Technology , the menu presents 20 toppings and scans what you look at the most, and then tells you what to order. (If they could scan our eyes the same way based on the way we looked at the actual Super Bowl, you'd find that I only wanted Gisele.)

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Though we couldn't test the new technology directly, just knowing it exists for pizza lovers across the pond is worth a field goal, making it a tied game after the first quarter.

But this is where Domino's starts to shine on offense, because once you've ordered with the Pizza Hut app, there's really nothing else entertaining to do (except regret not ordering pretzel crust for the sake of this article's integrity). First, with the option of selecting various Domino's themes, you can customize your tracker to be baseball, heavy metal, tropical, latin soap opera, 'Pete The Pizza Maker' or classically themed.

I was mostly drawn to the latin soap opera...

...but the talking parrot ultimately sold me on the tropical theme.

So for now, Domino's Pizza Tracker is taking the lead. The selection of themes alone gets them another field goal, with Domino's leading 6-3 and only gaining momentum. They also give you a hilariously game-changing option of leaving the pizza maker a note of encouragement, which you can select from the following prewritten messages.

That amusement gives Domino's another field goal, bringing the score to 9-3 at the half. With no pizzas in hand after Katy Perry's performance, it was still anybody's game. Domino's was getting quality checked while Pizza Hut was still at large.

Then the phone rang. Without even asking which pizza place it was, I screamed, 'I'll be right down!' and grabbed my tip money. Then I received a call from another number, with the other pizza.

Unlike the Super Bowl, I realized, this game could be a tie. A delicious tie. I only hope the delivery guys didn't fight each other after I left.

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