Don’t Ever Try To Catfish With A That’s So Raven Star’s Photo

Don T Ever Try Catfish With That S Raven Star S Photo

In today’s edition of Really, Really Weird Internet Stories, a former Boyz N Motion singer’s image is being used to catfish unsuspecting people in Indiana. Over the weekend, a fan tweeted Ryan Hansen , who played J.J. on That’s So Raven (not to mention Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars ), a Tinder profile pic of Hansen — except it’s definitely not Hansen using that account.

For starters, that’s an old photo — Hansen’s hair is much shorter now — the pic’s quality is shoddy and pixelated, and Hansen is actually 35 years old, not 28. The icing on the cake? Hansen’s married to wife Amy and they have three children together.

Por que Remy Ma foi para a cadeia?

Thankfully, Hansen has a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Looks like MTV needs to find this Boby for a future episode of Catfish .