The ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ Is Actually Really Judgmental

Don T Judge Challenge Is Actually Really Judgmental

If you're a human being that has used the Internet/social media in the past few days (*raises hand*), you're probably familiar with the 'Don't Judge Challenge' that's blowing up right now. It's where people, namely #youths, upload videos of themselves as 'ugly' versions of themselves, then hold their hands up to the camera only to reveal their 'true, beautiful' selves.

But let's look a little closer at the message behind this social media metamorphosis. Several videos feature the same scope of qualities that we're ~ supposed to think ~ are 'unattractive,' like glasses, acne, gap teeth, thick eyebrows and facial hair.

These videos reinforce dehumanizing and damaging beauty 'ideals' -- that if a person has one, or any number of these qualities, he or she is 'undesirable' -- a caricature of a person who deserves ridicule rather than a living, breathing one who deserves respect.

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What's ironic is that some people claim the initial ambition of the challenge was to 'combat body shaming.' If this is true, the fact still remains: fighting bullying with more bullying only creates more victims.

Thankfully, some folks on social media are calling out the challenge's flaws:

The ball's in your court, Internet. We'll be watching.