Donald Trump Isn't The Only Politician That Looks Horrifying With A Man Bun

Donald Trump Isnt Only Politician That Looks Horrifying With Man Bun

kronk, o novo ritmo do imperador

Now more than ever, the youth of America have the power to steer the course of history. In 2012, Barack Obama carried two-thirds of the youth vote , and many think that that if Mitt Romney could have appealed to half of those voters, he could have won the presidency.

With the youngest 2016 presidential candidate clocking in at the ripe age of 43 , Marco Rubio and everyone else running might be wondering how to appeal to the hip and trendy youths of these United States. Here's a suggestion: get a man bun.

Art services website DesignCrowd ran a contest where they asked designers around the world to give world leaders the trendiest hair style for men these days. George Bush, Vladimir Putin and even Kim Jong Un get the man bun treatment. While some shouldn't ditch their current hairstyle for the top knot just yet, you have to admit some of them look pretty good in them -- especially the hippest politician of all time: Barack Obama.

Look at all 10 amazingly bun-ed world leaders below.

  1. President George W. Bush DesignCrowd
  2. John F. Kennedy DesignCrowd
  3. Kim Jong Un DesignCrowd


  4. Abraham Lincoln DesignCrowd
  5. Richard Nixon DesignCrowd
  6. President Barack Obama
  7. Vladimir Putin DesignCrowd
  8. Vladimir Putin (again)

    People just can't stop man bunning Russia's leader.

  9. George Washington DesignCrowd

    The founding father of the USA looks great with a powdered man bun.

  10. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton DesignCrowd

    Simply horrifying.

To see all the entries, head over to DesignCrowd.