'Dragon Quest' Creator Sheds Light On The Inspiration For The Slime

Dragon Questcreator Sheds Light Inspiration

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Video game icons come in all shapes and sizes; some wear red hats and overalls while others are simply yellow circles. When it comes to RPGs there's one face that's been recognizable for almost 24 years: the Slime. One of the few characters to show up in every 'Dragon Quest' game, the tiny and squishy the slimes have been approaching players since the beginning of the series and have come in various shapes and forms over the years, even receiving their own DS game a few years ago.

After all these years, one lingering question remains: how was the Slime born? I asked one of the 'Dragon Quest' creators, Yuji Horii, and he told me that his inspiration for the monster actually came from the classic RPG, 'Wizardry.'

'I was really hooked on 'Wizardy,' the PC game, and that's kind of where I got the inspiration for the Slime. There's...slime-looking characters [in 'Wizardry'], so I got the inspiration from it. I was doodling the slime-looking character and I took it to Mr. Toriyama, who did the character design, and he made it the Slime we see today.'

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Prior to the release of the original 'Dragon Quest,' there weren't many RPGs for gamers to dig into outside of 'Wizardy' and 'Ultima,' so it's understandable that Mr. Horii would have been inspired by the other titles of the time. Our memory of 'Wizardy' might be a bit hazy, taking a look at the list of enemies from the Apple IIGS version of the game, it's easy to see how the first character on the list, the infamous Creeping Crud, could serve as the inspiration for one of the most recognizable RPGs characters ever.