'Dragonball Evolution' Actress Emmy Rossum Explains Why It's Good To Be Bulma

Dragonball Evolutionactress Emmy Rossum Explains Why Its Good Be Bulma

' Dragonball Evolution ' is scheduled to hit theaters later this year, so when MTV News caught up with Emmy Rossum during the Sundance Film Festival (her new film, 'Dare,' debuted during the event), we had to ask her a few questions about her role in the live-action adaptation of the anime/manga classic.

'She honestly believes that she's smarter and can do everything better than everyone else...which means we have a lot in common,' laughed Rossum about her character, Bulma.

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In the 'Dragonball' story the film is based on, Bulma is the motorcycle-riding, gun-wielding, sometimes-partner to the film’s hero, Goku (played by Justin Chatwin ). Rossum described Bulma as 'an ass-kicking hero' that was a 'really fun character to play.'

Keep an eye on Splash Page next week for more from Rossum about her 'Dragonball' experience, but just in case you're looking to catch up on the film, you can start with the 'Dragonball Evolution' trailer , as well as our interview with 'Dragonball' cast member Jamie Chung about the film. We also interviewed Emmy Rossum about the monsters and mayhem on the set of 'Dragonball' late last year.

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